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[Boost Mobile] [ Team Osiris ][ Linaro ] CyanogenMOD 10 Beta 2.0 Camera WORKING ( Jellybean 4.1.2 ) for ZTE WARP

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Dm47021, May 14, 2013.

  1. werkzINC

    werkzINC Well-Known Member

    I should of asked that diff .i see its the same kernek butvi mean "tweaked"I see a page or two back ,DM said the aokp kernel was updated and he didn't get to update the cm10 kernel yet to be up to par. I think he still has to "upgrade"? it he changed it more since the data fix. I know I answered my own question I just thought I may of missed something. I guess aokp and root box are the same but this one isn't yet,thats what he said to me in the aokp thread atleast

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  2. Dslack420

    Dslack420 Android Enthusiast

    Oh ic ic makes sence
  3. sb43

    sb43 Android Expert

    I was looking on XDA, and I found this guy that said he was running a "STABLE VERSION OF CM10". I asked if he could send me the zip, but his post was from May. Maybe????? If so, where did he get it?
  4. sersoft

    sersoft Newbie

    Not to be mean or anything but, i think he got it from imagination land or something. Unless he made it himself and won't release the source. I think this is as stable as it gets currently, until dm and phenom come up with more fixes. :p
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  5. phenomx4

    phenomx4 Android Expert
    Recognized Developer

    I'm thinking the freezes are related to prebuilts we are using. I'll have to look into it some more though.
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  6. sb43

    sb43 Android Expert

    You are probably right
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  7. LilBit

    LilBit Extreme Android User

    No way possible:) I had a Beta of CM10 last year around Feb or so, Nowhere near what it is Today;) But then the Dev working on it went Quiet, Must have been a Storm:rolleyes:
  8. sb43

    sb43 Android Expert

    IDK????? Just reported what I saw. Like I said, his post was from last May.
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  9. Dm47021

    Dm47021 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I have the same suspicion . Its something graphics related . Maybe libgemini. Or mmjpeg or something of the sort
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  10. EagleLink

    EagleLink Lurker

    It's been a while since the last update. Not even a post for over a month. I was just curious if anything more is being worked on right now. Not trying to rush anything, just curious. You've been doing a great job so far!
  11. Dm47021

    Dm47021 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    yeah. just juggeling some projects and had to switch out my build system
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  12. EagleLink

    EagleLink Lurker

    That's cool. Thanks for the update. I've managed to crack the glass on both of my WARPs. I'm thinking of getting a new phone, but not sure. But I'm still going to keep them around to play with because they are great phones. Even better now thanks to you. Before cracking the glass, I was using the spare one as a VoIP phone.
  13. mercury0x000d

    mercury0x000d The ultra-modern operator

    They're surprisingly easy to change. I ordered a pair of digitizers on eBay and replaced them myself with zero prior phone surgery experience.
  14. Dslack420

    Dslack420 Android Enthusiast

    indeed surgery on these phones is easy just make sure u dont miss any screws (even ones hidden under black stickers) or tear any ribbons but they are very sturdy not easy to tear
  15. EagleLink

    EagleLink Lurker

    Yeah, I've actually replaced them both once already. I have a habbit of dropping them often while at work, on a cement floor, or forgetting it's on my lap while driving and getting out of the vehivle. LOL

    Last time I found them for about $13 on eBay. Know of any good sources that are good quality? The last ones I had to custom cut the double sided tape. That was the not-so-fun part.
  16. mercury0x000d

    mercury0x000d The ultra-modern operator

    This is what I bought. It is a direct drop-in replacement for the stock digi and required no modification.
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  17. hate

    hate Android Enthusiast

    Any issues with hotspot?
  18. iram

    iram Android Enthusiast

    Not sure whats going on installed CyanogenMOD 10 looks great but no internet connection or signal...trying to get back to WEOM
  19. iram

    iram Android Enthusiast

    Does anyone know how to get this ROM to work ..... No connectivity (internet)
  20. A bit more information would be helpful. Like which version you're using, if you've flashed the RAMdisk patch or not, recovery image, etc.

    Otherwise, all I can offer is some basic advice

    For CM10:
    -Make sure the RAMdisk patch is applied, and the super-light gapps are installed
    -Try formatting (wiping) your cache and dalvik-cache
    -Try a new download and re-install
    --Although the script should do it automatically, I always manually format all of my partitions before installing a new ROM (cache, dalvik-cache, system, data)

    For WOEM:
    -Should work as simply restoring a backup (assuming you made before flashing CM10) or just freshly installing again through recovery

    Hope this helps a little. Sorry if this derails the thread a bit.
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  21. iram

    iram Android Enthusiast

    Well followed all stated steps and installed ROM, Ramdisk and light Gapps....lets see how we do..Thanks
  22. iram

    iram Android Enthusiast

    Well so far while ROM is different..Trying to get used to it.One main issue having right off is that its locking up quite a bit requiring removal of battery often to reboot.

    Still trying to figure out whats in it or not compared to WARP OEM of STOCK.. I know there will be some differences that I need to get used to and work around. I do see that phone microphone is not working
  23. rickpcb

    rickpcb Android Enthusiast

    You'll find plenty of issues and functions not working properly. This rom is a beta and still in development. For stability I suggest going back to a rom that is completed like woem or halo bean.
    By the way, the mic should work if you turn on speaker phone...
  24. iram

    iram Android Enthusiast

    I understand basically been wanting to try ROM out for a while. While very interesting Im finding it slow as in much delayed when accessing apps and freezing up often. also apparently I see tethering may not work , which I need due to lack decent internet . I'm "borrowing ' via WiFi, now on main PC but should that go away I'll need to have capability via phone
  25. aenoch

    aenoch Android Enthusiast

    Was anything changed bluetooth wise i have a green throttle atlas controler tjat didnt work on my warp or on my current lg optimus f7. But i. Flashed. This rom to my warp and now. It works . Id like to figure this out and. Get the controle working on my f7

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