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Aug 9, 2012
Not sure if I did this quite right. While I do eventually want to try a new ROM (though I need one that does pc to phone tethering for internet access, not necessarily wifi tethering)

I had rooted and have alien kernel installed.

I was having still so much problems with phone rebooting on its own and recently when making or receiving calls unless I had speaker phone function on no one could here me..

I made a back up of my complete sd card..

I tried to rest phone to factory using upvolume key and power button.

When I restarted phone it still says Alein Kernel and while all apps apear only to be the original theres is one called Super SU.

So Im not sure am i still rooted ?
It sounds like you are. SuperSU is part of being rooted. I remember when you first started asking questions about rooting and your phone's stock performance... Most of us have had the same issues. And solved them.

First, rooting solves nothing. It only gives you access to normally protected areas of the file system. This is done to give the ability to install custom ROMs or kernels. Rooting should also include installing a custom recovery like CWM.

The real source of your issues is the stock phone software, regardless of kernel choice. The fix is to root, install custom recovery and flash a stable ROM that includes a stable kernel.

Here's a quick step by step if you would like to fix these issues and have the support for tethering you need:

Since you have performed a factory reset already, boot into recovery (vol up and power) then wipe data, wipe cache, then advanced - wipe dalvik cache.

Download the following :
EasyRoot CWM here:

WOEM 2.7 here: OEM

Download these to your pc then move them to your sd card download folder.

Shut phone down completely then restart by holding volume up and power at the same time until your recovery boots up.

Select 'install zip from sd card' using your volume keys to scroll and camera to select.

Choose '' and apply by pressing the camera button.

After it is done, select 'reboot now'

After reboot, shut phone down and repeat the process choosing WOEM 2.7

After install is complete just wipe cache and dalvik cache again and reboot.

This is a slick and stable combo that will address your issues and provide the features you need. Returning to stock isn't going to fix anything.
[FONT=&quot]Ok its time. Thank you Rickpcb.

By coincidence I’m running internet off of phone due to main internet being down

fortunate most apps and messages and stuff are saved via Google

I have actually copied my sd card to my pc so wondering if it could be reformatted first to clear all out before I try to go through your steps above.


Actually I believe I have already used easy root cwm...

Generally question through assuming all goes well...

Is it possible to go back to totally stock unrooted if it should ever be needed?

As of yet, we're unsure how to get back to total stock. The ZTE Update Tool no longer supports our device so there has to be a new method. If you're downloading the rom off your phone's internet, I HIGHLY advise you to wait until you find a wifi hotspot like at a mcdonalds or similar at least. Downloading roms/mods via your phones mobile data connection WILL break the rom zip and you'll have problems with the rom after flashing.
I wouldn't worry about formatting the sd, it's not necessary. Definitely don't download from phone's data connection. Wait until internet is up like skinny said... very important!
1st thank you for advice. Exactly why I need a ROM that has pc tethering my internet was not working for a day or so.

I found these links below I hope if needed they are what I was trying to get at about possibly returning phone back to stock rom and stock kernel

I gather my next step is to try WOEM 2.7 since I've never seen any reference to it I assume changing Roms doesn't effect Boost Data usage stats or Shrinkage payment info?
No it doesn't. That data that you mentioned is controlled completely by the company, not the phone, so it doesn't matter what you do to the phone, company don't care, as long as you're giving them your money :p
The problem you'll have returning to stock is finding a flashable stock kernel. I don't believe hroark's or snakex's methods do that, but I am not positive - I never tried them... My phone was out of warranty when I first decided to root...

With the Warp frequently costing 79 bucks new at radio shack, there's no point anyway to return to stock anymore.

Like we have explained, flashing a good rom with the right kernel will fix things for you. WOEM will reinstall Alien kernel when you flash it. WOEM was built to properly use Alien kernel. You've already got clockworkmod recovery (CWM) so it's even easier... Wipe data/cache/dalvik and flash WOEM2.7 - reboot and rejoice LOL

And no... none of this affects data usage or shrinkage info or anything on the boost side - besides you will no longer get annoying update pop ups for stock upgrades (which you wouldn't want anyway)
Happy New Year to All.

While I plan to start to experiment with different ROMS in the new year. I find it pleasantly refreshing that so far after doing a reset on phone and only adding a few "most needed" extra apps so far phone is running surprisingly well.

My luck it will reboot on its own right after I post this :)
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Happy New Year to All.

While I plan to start to experiment with different ROMS in the new year. I find it pleasantly refreshing that so far after doing a reset on phone and only adding a few "most needed" extra apps so far phone is running surprisingly well.

My luck it will reboot on its own right after I post this :)

If it doesn't, I will be surprised LOL

I know you've taken a lot of time researching, reading and asking questions... and that is the absolute best way to make an informed decision! Now, considering all the responses you have had over the past 6 months suggesting a custom rom to relieve your issues - has there been anything negative? I'm only saying this because I would like to see you finally enjoy your Warp and see it's true potential! When you're ready to make the small leap into custom roms, there are several of us who will help you step by step if needed. We have great devs here who have done wonders with this phone. I hope you take the next step and get to enjoy their work! You'll be absolutely surprised how fast and smooth this phone can be running the right software!

Anyway, Happy New Year!

Feel free to ask any questions! We're here!