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[Boost Mobile] Use Sequents Rom on Regular warp?

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by rfrayer, Jan 10, 2013.

  1. rfrayer

    rfrayer Member
    Thread Starter

    Just had a thought. Being that both types of warps are essentially the same would it be possible to use warp s ics stock rom on the warp?

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  2. MrBobo

    MrBobo Android Expert

    not out of the box, some devs have attempted it but we still don't have a kernel that will work with ics (or jb or cm for that matter).
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  3. uknow

    uknow Android Enthusiast

    i would just get a phone with ics or jb on it there are great dev working on bring both op to the warp but have yet to do so and it dont normally take this long to break in to the phone and get it going on another op
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  4. MrBobo

    MrBobo Android Expert

    we have to just be patient, we have a few good devs around working on it (I am just a modder so I don't count myself in that group), but they have chosen to keep their cards close on the project and aren't sharing progress with us, for all I know it could be ready for public beta tomorrow or could still be months out, it's common courtesy to not ask for eta's since the majority of us do work on android forums as a hobby.

    What it's going to take to see JB/ICS is either the devs currently working on it to decide it's ready or some new dev to come on board and take a more public stance on development. I think what we are used to seeing more is that approach where we see a dev start a port and show us the issues etc as they work on getting it ready for public consumption.

    I don't understand or necessarily agree with the approach of keeping it all secret but that's the call each dev has to make... some devs have extremely limited time/patience and don't want to expose their work to the masses until they can safely say it's ready for us while others have been discouraged in past projects by impatience or rudeness. my best guess on our threads having been here since day one with the warp is that it's a combination of many of those things that have made this project stay in the shadows.

    Not to mention many devs have either upgraded and moved their focus to new phones and/or work on several phones.

    Sorry for a long post, I hear ya and feel the pain of waiting too, we just have to stay patient or like you said just move on to a phone further along in development.
  5. sb43

    sb43 Android Expert

    I completely agree Mr. Bobo. Not to mention that most of our dev's have real full time jobs and are doing all of this great work , either out of the graciousness of their heart, or are as completely anal, and nerdiness (as I am). I love you guys for it! You guy's are F-CKING AWESOME!!!
    You've made me a complete geek! I'm a contractor, and I love this Sh_t! Yea, I can afford a better phone, but, what the hell? You guy's keep up the good work. I'm behind you 100%
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  6. jetx2x

    jetx2x Android Expert

    We choose to stay in the shadows to prevent "forum drama"... I've been through it myself with users on the public mobile forum.... people tend to get kinda antsy and we are only allowed to work as much as our lives and schedules allow... not to mention that working with this phone has proven to be difficult due to zte's handy work with both the hardware and kernel... plus there's also the fact that most of us aren't certified devs... I'm a 17 year old high school student... and trust me... some of the other devs are not who and what you think they really are... gotten to know them very well over the last few months... but anyways what I'm trying to say is staying out of the public prevents unnecessary conflict, this kinda work takes ALOT of time, and we aren't programming prodigies... we are just like the rest of you except we read... alot... be patient young padewon (I think that's how its spelled)... lol
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  7. PsyMega

    PsyMega Android Expert

    What you didn't know..... I'm a 16 year old high school dropout.
  8. croy2007

    croy2007 Resident Punisher

    Yea I know how yal feel I'm a 24 year old legally blind guy who lives with his in laws
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  9. sb43

    sb43 Android Expert

    Well, I'm 51, and you guys are still helping out. I don't care if you're 8 or 80, deaf, dumb, blind and crazy. Thanks. You know a hell of a lot more about this thing than I do. But, I bet I can build a house, or cabinets better....... ( lol )
    You can do anything you set your mind to. Dizz........... get your ass back to school! Trust me, you're f_cking up. You don't want to be my age, worrying if the rain or snow is gonna keep you from making rent, or your cable bill, or if you can't buy your kids diaper. (NOT PREACHIN JUST friendly words of wisdom). But I still dig you guys! ;)
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  10. dennis8492

    dennis8492 Well-Known Member

    Every one here has their stories. I dropped out of school when I was 14. Yet I've had android since the G1 was released. I'm 20 years old now have a wife and 3 kids. I spent some time checking out other people work as a hobby but I don't report problems. Why? Who am I to judge someone else's hard work.
    I spent a shit load of time reading forums watching videos and googling how to's. I'm currently playing with 3 phones.
    The beloved warp
    HTC evo v 4g
    HTC evo designe 4g.
    I'm 100 percent supportive of all android community's.
    As well as a sponge to learn more.

    I'm willing to learn and try to port jb/ics over. I have 3 warps to jack lol :) I just wish their was an open community thread for any one that wants to hop on board with it.
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  11. ineedhelppp

    ineedhelppp Member

    I'm 14 years old learning all kind of progeming languages to try to help this phone's community.
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  12. jetx2x

    jetx2x Android Expert

    Not the responses I was expecting... but OK... lol
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  13. drewhill77

    drewhill77 Android Enthusiast

    Lol...how often do you really get what you expect? Especially with this crowd;)
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  14. MrBobo

    MrBobo Android Expert

    Lol! Good stuff guys, 34 with 6 kids here :)

    Anyhews, nothing is stopping anyone from picking up the jb project if they want to have a go at it, I couldn't get away with investing that kind of time. I am happy to just be Patient :)
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  15. mercury0x000d

    mercury0x000d The ultra-modern operator

    All you guys with your families... wow, I kinda feel out-of-place now! jk jk

    I'm 32, quite single (lol) with zero children, a jack-of-all-trades of sorts - at work I do mechanics, painting, electrical work, I'm the IT guy and fill in in the office when there's no one else. When I'm not working, I'm... well, working lol I run my own computer servicing company, handling all manner of PC problems as well as upgrades, builds and repairs. I've been programming since I was about 10, writing code before I even had a computer to run it on, I've been working (for way too many years lol) on a DOS-based GUI project, entailing writing my own programming language (a updated dialect of BASIC) and making a compiler to go with it.

    BUT... I'm still a total Linux/Android noob. I'm learning things, but sometimes it's hard to cram everything in your head without feeling like some stuff's gonna fall back out lol

    That's why I love this community we have here. You all have been SO helpful in steering me in the right direction when it comes to the Lindroid scene. And for that I'm grateful! :D
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  16. PsyMega

    PsyMega Android Expert

    Just saying,I have a GED:) and work 65 hours a week in a Mexican restaurant.
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  17. sb43

    sb43 Android Expert

    Man, so much talent up in here!!!!!!
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  18. smartmanvartan

    smartmanvartan Android Expert

    I'm 28 and run my own business. I have a shop where I sell/service commercial/residential/central vacuum cleaners... I have a side business where i fix PCs in my area and also do a lot of house calls for a whole lot of everything... I work about 50 hours a week and android is my favorite hobby. ;) I got no kids and still manage having a life amounts all of the work... for those in Montreal thats "Desjardins vacuums" in Roxboro located at 10450 Goiun w. H8Y 1X1 where all your vacuums needs are taking care of with a smile :)
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  19. QuietStorm1785

    QuietStorm1785 Well-Known Member

    28 here, single with one child, work in a hotel, and on the side I do computer work.. IE building new computers, networking, clearing viruses, databases and web design. I do android development as a hobby and a way to learn something new, plus it helps me calm down when I have a crappy day.
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  20. dennis8492

    dennis8492 Well-Known Member

    I had already posted what my life situation is but I see people adding their careers. So... I'm a cook. I work at chili's grill and bar. I'm the kitchen lead at my restaurant along with being the youngest person where I work. Android.... lets put it like this. If Google ever had an on campus school that offered GED assistance and tault about Android development and coding and all that other fun stuff I'd be one of the first persons in line to signs up. Unfortunately I have no knowledge of something of that sort.

    You guys here at the warp forum and a few other forums are the ones that've taught me everything I know about Android. For that, I give you my greatest appreciation. What's better than to learn and teach.
  21. jetx2x

    jetx2x Android Expert

    I can't help but laugh at how my one post turned this thread into everyone giving their life stories... my turn... again... I'm in high school... Im a computer nerd... Im getting in deep with android... I'm learning and getting proficient with Java... and I plan on majoring in Computer Science next year as this kind of stuff is my field of choice... and that's about it... lol
  22. cartersball

    cartersball Android Enthusiast

    35 year old General Manager of two restaurants in the 3rd largest pizza chain in the world. Father of three boys and step father to one girl and one boy all ranging in age from 14 down to 4. I work between 70 and 80 hours a week, but in my spare time I dabble in all things smartphone. I started out with BlackBerry, originally helping build the service books that eventually allowed Boost Mobile users to use Sprint branded BB's on Boost Mobile. After awhile I jumped to the Android platform with this Warp back in Nov. of 2011 and began to learn all over again about modding. Currently I help friends and family root/jailbreak/mod and repair problems with their cell phones mostly for free and I find most of my info right here at AF. So thankful to have found these forums and all the great people here.
  23. mercury0x000d

    mercury0x000d The ultra-modern operator

    Right now it's 2:00 AM and I'm eating leftover pizza while I read your post lol

    BTW... If the "third largest pizza chain in the world" refers to who I think it does, you're one of my favorites! :D
  24. dennis8492

    dennis8492 Well-Known Member

    Pizza hut?
  25. smartmanvartan

    smartmanvartan Android Expert

    Thread should be renamed root community introductions and questions... :p
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