ok i got gimp, paint and winrare i tried ninja morph but it doesnt work after i edit how do i install on my phone?

I don't mess with any of those morph apps, I do my editing then save to sdcard & push to system via root explorer, fix permissions in the system folder then move them to their respective folders and overwrite the old ones and reboot (obviously make a backup first)
Alternatively you can put them in a cwm zip (like the format from the uot kitchen) and flash via recovery, but I like to do it manually.
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can u walk me threw this?

When I get more time on the laptop ill try and give you a good write up, for now....
I copy the apk I want to edit to the cp (actually the last theme I did completely on my warp) then extract the apk to a folder using 7zip, then open that new folder go to res/drawable hdpmi & edit the png files I want to change using gimp (sometimes to simply change color you gotta change the mode of the pic from indexed to rgd, and back again before you save) try to maintain the same pic size as the original. Once you've finished select everything in the new folder with 7zip and create archive (choose zip & push store only, no compression) once the zip is created & while still in 7zip change the file extension from zip to apk, then either push it via root explorer or in a cwm flashable zip to your phone. Remember backup backup backup.