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[Boost Mobile] What should i use

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by UnknownUser1, Aug 12, 2012.

  1. UnknownUser1

    UnknownUser1 Android Expert
    Thread Starter

    I just got used computer so ican finaly start themeing and piecing together my own rom tonight after i factory restore could you guys pm me some recomended programs to use? You can post them but i cant get them till later so pms ensure i wont miss them and maybe tut links? Much apreciated if you can help mE out

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  2. MrBobo

    MrBobo Android Expert

    I put links to helpful tools on post 3 of n00b ROM that I use
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  3. mercury0x000d

    mercury0x000d The ultra-modern operator

    By far, the most useful software for ROM making that I've come across is dsixda's Android Kitchen. It lets you do everything from swapping kernels to integrating any theming changes you make with the UOT Kitchen. Absolutely a must have :)
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