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[Boost Mobile] Working ROMS/MODS/KERNELS/MODEMS/ECT for the Boost S3

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by wetbiker7, Sep 22, 2013.

  1. rickpcb

    rickpcb Android Enthusiast

    I asked the same thing very recently. Seems if we built the apns into the rom and built the boost MMS settings in we would have that... Of course that defeats the point of unified builds... The installers already detect the carrier and apply apns, so a script that automatically sets MMS settings by carrier on install shouldn't be too hard for an experienced Dev. I'm not that experienced yet but I'm looking into the possibilities...


  2. HiiiPowers

    HiiiPowers Android Enthusiast

    No problem bro glad you had some 4g action lol
    Yeah the delta zip and update. Zip are for the ota updater built in it actually works I haven't had to go back to those links and download anything it does it for me I get a notification saying update is available and I choose flash now boots to philz and flashes it and yeah I always flash the super su zip on top of any 4.4 rom because that regular superuser built in gives me problems when using titanium backup sometimes but Omni rom has super su built in since it's made by chainfire originally
  3. HiiiPowers

    HiiiPowers Android Enthusiast

    Yep you took the words out of my mouth
    If someone was to build an 4.4 rom or rom in general with the apns for boost set up it would work no changing anything but we don't have a dev
    On the vm side they have to do the same thing to get 4g and mms on asop roms

    I haven't found anything that works without changing or modify expect tw rom and I tested a lot of roms had the phone since they released it

    If you really think about it tw still changes your apns do it can work when you go to update the prl and profile
    If I was to go back to tw now I would have data probably but not 4g until I updated my profile and prl. I had times when I go back to tw from a asop rom and had no data at all
  4. HiiiPowers

    HiiiPowers Android Enthusiast

    Let me ask you a question so quantum kernel I found the thread and it's linked under the AT&T gs3 so is it built for the d2lte model or what

    Edit:Found the answer some asked the same question and it's the unified kernel d2lte from the unified rom

    Getting ready to flash 3-21 now
  5. APOPHiS420

    APOPHiS420 Android Enthusiast

    That's so strange. I always update my prl and all that but not once have I ever have any lte issues on tw. Never lost my 4g nor MMS abilities. Wish I knew how to go in and see that APN settings in a tw rom and just apply them to an aosp one.
  6. HiiiPowers

    HiiiPowers Android Enthusiast

    It only happened a couple of times when I was on earlier roms even before 4.4 on the 4.2 and 4.3 roms when I was messing with my apns trying to get data on that rom I completely lost data or couldn't connect to 4g but mms settings never changed mms was solid

    You can look at your apns on a tw rom using the hidden menu and you can try it but I did it in the past before we got the flashable zip(which does all the work for you and works 100%of the time) but maybe it was just me but sometimes I got 4g and sometimes I didn't when manually messing with the apns it was hit or miss which was weird

    Even if you did get the apns and changed them you still would be changing them yourself it wouldn't be working right from jump plus which is easier flashing the 4gapn fix or manually changing them yourself for every rom you change you would have to set up your apns
    That's why the zip is the easiest and best method

    Not being able to get mms over 4g without using the handcent app has something to do with our apns I think maybe asop roms are missing something, it's been something I can't figure out and no one on the vm side has either
    All we know is even if you set up your mms and try to use the stock messaging app there's no guarantee it'll work it probably won't but handcent does
  7. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    Hey guys..... I don't know if this has been answered yet but I know the questions was asked awhile back about Philz not having the fix permissions option in the settings. After watching the scripts as it's flashing zips, it actually says fixing permissions during the flashing process. Didn't know if anyone had seen it or not but I noticed it some time ago and have been meaning to mention it.
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  8. rickpcb

    rickpcb Android Enthusiast

    I know the option to fix permissions is not in Philz because he said it is not necessary. The updater script of whatever you are flashing should set permissions. 'Fixing' them afterwards may cause more harm than good. The message most probably relates to the specific permissions it is setting during the flash per the updater script.
  9. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    Yeah, I read all of that too.
    Don't think is has anything to do with the updater-script bro. The message about fixing permissions comes close to the end of the flash. Then again, I may be wrong. My point was, that is does indeed fix some permissions when flashing the ROM. I just figured I'd mention it in here since no one else has. At least not that I've read.

    There are also settings which allow the fixing of app permissions at each boot. I've seen that in 2 ROMs.
  10. rickpcb

    rickpcb Android Enthusiast

    Interesting... I'm curious now... But realistically how would a recovery or a rom know what app permissions should be for every app you might install? One app might need different permissions from the next to function properly...

    I'll have to take a look once I figure out the apns.conf - I'm picking apart a unified build of LS. Once I understand the dependencies I will add the Boost apn and mms info to the unified conf file and the Boost info to the updater script. If it works (crosses fingers) the code could be added to all roms with unified builds and things could start working 'out of the box' - wish me luck, I'm still learning LOL I'm thinking I might need to modify the apns.xml in framework-res/res/xml but haven't made it that far yet.
  11. struckn

    struckn Android Expert
    VIP Member

    You should get in touch with @MopedRyder on the Virgin Mobile side, he has done a LOT of work in this area for the VM version.
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  12. rickpcb

    rickpcb Android Enthusiast

    Thanks. I'm actually picking through MopedRyder and Junkie2100's work to learn how they did what they did too... I'll hit him up once I have a little better grip on things.
  13. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    Possibly checking the basic default permissions, maybe? I'm not sure. As for the apps that are added, they already have their permissions set. I don't know what is or isn't being checked.... I just wanted to make you guys aware that I saw that Philz was actually checking permissions when flashing a ROM. The best person to ask about this would be Phil himself. I just wanted to pass along what I had observed. :)
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  14. rickpcb

    rickpcb Android Enthusiast

    If I had to guess I would think reverting permissions to system files that were granted during install but no longer needed after installing the rom... But correct, asking Phil would undoubtedly get the correct answer ;)
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  15. HiiiPowers

    HiiiPowers Android Enthusiast

    Hope you get everything working that would be great
  16. HiiiPowers

    HiiiPowers Android Enthusiast

    I knew the option wasn't in Phillz but I didn't know that it fixes it as your flashing that's extremely interesting
  17. wyelkins

    wyelkins Android Expert

    Some ROMs updater scripts do say that they are fixing permissions. Not sure if which ones off the top of my head, but I have seen it on 4.4.2 Roms.

    On another note, the newest version of Viper Audio works great with LiquidSmooth 0322. I have not been able to get it to work with 4.4.2 until now.

    I put the Apk in system/priv-app and installed from there. Rebooted and then also removed DSP Manager.

    Sounds great.



    I know that the app uses the Internet to send data to the dev. I noticed that my data connection did seem slower if listening to music while browsing. Also, I selected the highest quality sound which uses one of the dual cores. When I turned off Viper, my speed returned. Not sure if this will continue, but it is not a problem to turn it on and off.
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  18. wyelkins

    wyelkins Android Expert

    Giving this AICP ROM a whirl. Liking it so far. I have to add it to the short list of unified build ROMs that work with no problems after flashing the 4G Fix.

    It is different enough from Liquid Smooth to add some features I have not seen before.
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  19. wyelkins

    wyelkins Android Expert

    New 0324 Quantum Kernel is out.
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  20. APOPHiS420

    APOPHiS420 Android Enthusiast

  21. unotlikeme

    unotlikeme Android Enthusiast

    sounds good just read over the main features let us know what you think. i might just try it out.
  22. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    I just checked out the Resurrection Remix ROM and it's looking good. I'll have to give it a try when I decide to go back with AOSP based ROMs.

    I've decided to chill on flashing nightlies and went back with my old trusty friend, Wicked Sensations. Man, I LOVE THIS ROM. Sad that this is the final build though.

    I just got through setting it up with the GURPLE theme. Oh yeah man, WB7 is a happy camper! LOL!!!! :thumbup:
  23. unotlikeme

    unotlikeme Android Enthusiast

    Just cant leave TW behind huh. i feel ya bro im still moarin it up i loved liquid smooth but i just need my swipe screen shot and smart stay i hate when im half way through reading something and the screen goes off :pcguru: lol incorporate some of the smart features from tw and ide be a liquid smooth guy all day.

    a friend of mine is running candy kat rom on his note looks sick but they dont make it for the s3. and when did wicked stop getting development that sucks. slowly but surely were comming to an end here guys. almost ready to upgrade anyway thinking i might go note3 or s5 i dont wanna leave samsung but i doubt boost will get the note 3 so i guess its s5 for me maybe when they anounce the s6 ill grab the s5. hoping to see you in the 5 thread biker. i actually heard but this could just be rumored that an s6 isnt even thought of samsung is going Tizen thats there new software. if they do an s6 its going to be running there new software which isnt android.
  24. wetbiker7

    wetbiker7 Extreme Android User
    Thread Starter

    Yeah bro, I feel ya on the TW ROMs. One of the main complaints I have is that some of the AOSP ROMs will run the voicemail app and some won't. The ones that do don't always work the way the are supposed to. I need voicemail bro.

    Here's a prime example...... I'm out of coverage range so I have no signal...... my wife, family, or close friend calls to tell me something important. I come back in service range and I'll immediately get a voicemail notification if I'm running TW. If I'm running one of the AOSP ROMs that voicemail is iffy on or one that won't work at all, I have no idea that I've missed a very important phone call and have an important message waiting for me. The only way to see if I have a voicemail is to long press 1 on my dialer which is something that I just don't do all the time. I'll usually forget and check it a day or 2 later. By that time it's too late. I've had this happen before and missed important voicemails from my wife and that's not good. :)

    I'm not saying that I'm back running TW for good, I just need to find out which AOSP ROMs will allow the voicemail to work. Those are the ones I will end up sticking with. I was just running AICP which is an awesome ROM. Unfortunately I could not get voicemail to work at all with that ROM.
  25. rickpcb

    rickpcb Android Enthusiast

    Don't be so ready to jump ship... Lemme tell ya a little story.

    So, my first android was a ZTE Warp N860. Being new to android I was kinda confused why I had random reboots, poor battery life and general crap performance from a mid spec phone... I searched online and found lots of questions in forums with almost no answers.

    Well, then Boost dropped the price... Then we had a dev. Then another. Then another... then I started learning about android... Then we had root and recovery, then the roms poured in - gingerbread :) Well, ICS kinda got skipped and JB development started - all on a phone that the manufacturer said couldn't handle JB. Now it's in KK development. Why, because it's affordable. Even now the Warp N860 root forum has more activity than we do here - because the phone is more affordable. Money is the only thing preventing more devs to work on this phone - Boost variant in particular.

    I'm trying to adapt what I learned to the S3 - it's a process for someone with little experience... I am making progress though and hopefully will be able to help the community. Once the price of the S3 comes down to a realistic level I have a feeling we will end up with plenty of dev support. But - as a dev you can't buy one of every phone out there to build for and test on... The S3 is a solid device. Once it's affordable, I see good things :)

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