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[Boost Mobile] ZTE n860 warp rooted w/rom and toolkit

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Spudman47, Dec 27, 2013.

  1. Spudman47

    Spudman47 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Is there a specific pattern or sequence for a smsc # to turn on phone when I used this code to find out *983*3640# - Phone info this is for a ZTE n860

    am not able to activate with boost they won't tell me why a buddy said I could use it free of charge right I have magicjack and wifi w/wifi hacker It works but IU have to work on it too much at times

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  2. Rukbat

    Rukbat Extreme Android User

    1) Call Boost (have the battery out, so you can read the label) and ask them to check if it's a clean ESN. If there's a bill pending against it, it was reported lost or stolen, or a few other things, they won't activate it.

    2) No, you can't use it free. You can use it on wifi if you have a wifi router, but you can only make 911 calls on the phone part.

    3) Hacking into someone else's wifi is 3 problems:

    a) It's illegal. The crime is theft of service. Depending on a couple of things, it can be felony theft. The cable company WILL push for prosecution. (They all will, it doesn't matter which company it is.)

    b) You'll have to pay for every month's service since the person whose wifi you were using first got internet. It's legally assumed that you've been doing it since then, If you haven't, you have to prove it. Could be 10 years. At $150/month. That would cost you $18,000. In addition to whatever they give you for the theft charge.

    c) The person whose router you're connecting to can lose their cable account. They can then sue you for any loss (including emotional distress) they suffer.

    Buying internet for $15/month is a lot cheaper.

    Oh, if you use Magic Jack on my router, I know how to listen in on your phone calls. And it's legal, since It's legally the equivalent of my listening into an extension in my house. I can also connect to your computer and steal files, "plant" files there (even illegal ones) - anything. I have the legal right to access any computer connected to my network - when you connect, you grant me that right. Posting some compromising information I found on your computer? Using your account that I found there? Big oops - for you.

    REALLY not worth it.

    So I guess that's not what you were talking about when you mentioned wifi hacker, right?

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