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Boost Mobile?!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by WC Jerome, Apr 20, 2012.

  1. WC Jerome

    WC Jerome Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

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  2. thomasmbl

    thomasmbl Android Enthusiast

    I am but wat i wanna no is if it's goin to b 4g
  3. haris163

    haris163 Well-Known Member

  4. lkrause

    lkrause Member

    I would appreciate any input. I currently have the Warp but my son has a HTC phone from Verizon and it has been trouble free and is very nice. My question is if I should dump the Warp for the Design. Also, Virgin Mobile is coming out with the HTC 3d which has the 4.3 screen and I have read is the better phone. So maybe I should dump Boost all together and switch to Virgin. What are your thoughts on the matter. Design or Warp, Design or HTC 3d Virgin Mobile? Such problems.
  5. WC Jerome

    WC Jerome Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Honestly, it is between the Design and the HTC Evo V 4G (from Virgin) for me. I've done a little research on both phones and it seems like that you can't go wrong with either one, except that the Evo V has 3D, slightly bigger screen, and slightly stronger processor (dual core).

    I just have to choose whether to stay with Boost or go back to Virgin. :rolleyes:
  6. zombu2

    zombu2 Well-Known Member

    The phone is coming to Boost on Thursday next week . So i will be getting a hold of it on tuesday and play around with it to see if it s easily rootable and if the other roms work on this phone

    can t wait .....
  7. Tw3ak

    Tw3ak Newbie

    Either phone is good in my opinion but the Evo V from vm might be slightly better phone because of the 3d and dual core cpu but on the other hand enless i have been wrongly informed vm doesn't offer shrinkage so you will always be paying $55 no matter what where as if ya stick with boost long enough it will only be $40 so i guess what it really comes down to is do you care about the mnthly cost or not? And if not then jump to VM and get the Evo V, At least it is available now lol.
    I dunno if what the guy above said is true or not because i talked to several bestbuy and radioshack managers that said at the earliest they won't have it until the new release date being pushed back to 6/10/2012 so i'd like to know how he is going to get 1 tuesday to try out enless he has some magic wand to get it before any of the stores do.
  8. lkrause

    lkrause Member

    I am confused then because I just order one on Radio Shacks's website and it said in stock and would ship in 1 - 2 business days. I ordered it from there as if I have a problem I can take it right to my local Shack and get things handled.
  9. Tw3ak

    Tw3ak Newbie

    It was readded to RS website within the last 24 hrs so maybe they finally got some in the warehouse now.
  10. lkrause

    lkrause Member

    My HTC Evo Design shipped today from Radio Shack. It says in stock on Boost website, however, when you go to buy it there is no add to cart button as of yet. I think I will keep my Warp as a backup phone. Of course, I know that I could sell it on Ebay with no problem and there is probably another phone down the road.
  11. Tw3ak

    Tw3ak Newbie

    I got mine today but i can't activate it lol everytime i try it says i have a incompatible plan for the phone and i need to upgrade my plan to unlimited 4g with shrinkage, Yet when you go to plans/addons on their site the only plan is the $55 unlimited ( which i allready have ) so it is confusing. And when i called boost store in my area they have no idea how to activate it either because they don't have any in the store yet to figure it out. (sigh) and everytime i try to get ahold of customer service directly the automated bs just hangs up on me before i ever connect to a live person.

    EDIT: finally got ahold of them and got it all activated now :)
  12. lkrause

    lkrause Member

    Mine was shipped by RS. I am curious as to if you have the additional fee to make the phone a "hotspot". I am down to $40 on my shrinkage with my Warp. I assume I will pay $50 when I activate my Design. Did they ask you when you activated your Design if you wanted the hotspot feature? Also, how are you liking the phone?
  13. Tw3ak

    Tw3ak Newbie

    No i was not asked to pay a extra $10 for hotspot but you will be required to change plans from the $55 android unlimited to the 4g android $55 unlimited ( basically no change ) and you will not lose your shrinkage so if you pay $40 now you will still pay only $40 again for the new plan/phone. ( or $50 like you said if you opt for the hotspot addon )

    The problem i had is my payments go thru on the 2nd of the mnth so by the time i got mine activated ( on the 5th ) i had allready been 3 days into the new month and it double charged me again for the new phone so within a couple days cost me not 55 but 110 dollars by the time i got it activated. So i called them and they reemburst me that previous month minus 3 days to my account so i'm happy.

    So i recommend either waiting till your mnthly due date is about up before activating the new one or expect to go thru the same issue i did and having to talk to customer support to get reemburstment.

    Currently you cannot activate the evo thru normal means of doing it via the website because it will say your phone isn't compatible with your current plan after entering the new meid # you will have to call and talk to customer help to get it done because on the site their is no 4g unlimited plan to select yet lol. ( at least it wasn't on 6/3/12 i dunno if they updated site yet or not. )

    But i dunno why so many people complain about the boost support i had to deal with them twice to finally get everything working but it was pretty painless and they were very polite and quick to get it resolved for me.

    Now as for the phone i love it!! So far it has exceeded my expectations in every way i just got back from RS again today because i had them put a zagg screen on it and hard case before i dared go anywhere with it other then mess with it at home for fear of scratching it lol
  14. Rally 517

    Rally 517 Android Expert

    can i root this boost one the same way? just came from warp
  15. got it from Radioshack Today. Salesperson couldnt activate through normal computer means and had to call to get it working. 4g Works great. phone is already at 4.0.3..no problems here so far.
    As for root last i heard for the sprint version the Zerg Rush exploit was the way to root.
    Ill try to see it works later tonight...if i wanna rish a brick...dont know yet...since many stores dont have it in stock(got the last one at my store).
    Sense 3.6+android 4.0...is great...no lag..smooth..install nova launcher right away for better customization.
    Radioshack offered up a decent deal for a case including a warranty for 2 years.
    I really want to root to remove some of the bloat thats on here and to get Hospot working to avoid the monthly charge. Hopefully we can get custom roms working on this phone.

    Btw does anyone have a dump of this phone or know how i can make my own dump. I want to see if i can start tinkering with it.
  16. tried supertool...said it was rooted, but with errors...upon checking not rooted.
    Gonna try to unlock the bootloader and retry and see if that works.
    Ill post back later with more info.
    btw this my info
    hboot 1.30.0000
  17. damn got this error
    any ideas?
    btw i tried sprint since boost wasnt listed.
  18. ak47bluntz

    ak47bluntz Member

    hey radioshack has the phone already?
  19. Rally 517

    Rally 517 Android Expert

    Best buy has em. Can I root this boost version the same way.
  20. Quoros

    Quoros Member

    On the boost evo customer service has to switch you to the idem network and then to the evo. My sprint rep reported the issue today. Hopefully in a few days dealers will be able to upgrade the accounts without calling in. I received 10 today and sold out by 8pm.. they seem to be a nice phone and definatly better than the marquee.
  21. Quoros

    Quoros Member

    On the boost evo customer service has to switch you to the idem network and then to the evo. My sprint rep reported the issue today. Hopefully in a few days dealers will be able to upgrade the accounts without calling in. I received 10 today and sold out by 8pm.. they seem to be a nice phone and definatly better than the marquee.
  22. Tw3ak

    Tw3ak Newbie

    I dunno why your in such a rush to brick a good phone, The warp is 1 thing a cheap phone to brick that's been around for ages and a dime a dozen but i wouldn't jump to risk bricking a $300 phone and having a expensive paperweight. Especially considering their is next to zero stock on these still in most areas and stores so if you brick it perm you aren't going to get another 1 anytime soon.

    You kiddos must have way too much money to burn lol and their isn't a single rom for evo design that is worth a sh** anyway i have seen and read thru them and they all have bugs and other issues, So why brick a perfectly good working phone just to unlock a few customizations but bugging out so many other things in the process lol. At least with the older phones roms have had time to be perfected and stable, I know sprint had the design before boost did and has been around a while but their still isn't any roms out their that impress me enough to root my perfectly good existing phone for what there rom offers. I'd wait for something worth rooting your phone for.
  23. First and biggest reason to root...Save money for Mobile Hotspot.
    Others are removing bloatware..which saves rom space and have unwanted apps not running in the background. Also there are lots of Root only apps i use.
    I want some things to tinker with...like battery percentage..statusbar transparency lockscreen customization. Those things i want. Everything else is perfectly fine for me.
    So if you like the phone, thats great. But I and it seems others aswell want to have root/bootloader unlocked to do as we please.
    I totally agree with you on bricking it. But I have access to this phone and its not a main phone. So ive been trying to root. Tomorrow ill post my progress and see if anyone has some success.
    Its android...i want it my way. :)
  24. If you can go for it and post.
    If you read my previous posts Ive tried and so far no luck.
    I think once we get the bootloader unlocked we can then root it and install a custom recovery...till then...we gotta wait.

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