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Boost Mobile's "Restart My Plan" Option

Discussion in 'Boost Mobile' started by Cory Casper, Jan 23, 2016.

  1. Cory Casper

    Cory Casper Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I obviously am using Boost Mobile. I am currently using the $35 a month plan. I use lots of data. I am in the middle of my current month. My question is this......Can I change to the $60 unlimited data plan right now and restart my plan now using that $60 unlimited plan, or will clicking on the "Restart My Plan" button simply restart my current $35 plan?


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    Post #5 by Slayer72, Aug 1, 2016 (1 points)

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  3. daffyducknj

    daffyducknj Android Enthusiast

    You should be able to restart with the new plan. Most prepaid services have this option.
  4. Cory Casper

    Cory Casper Lurker
    Thread Starter

    ThAnks for the response, but should and most arent words that really help too much. The last thing i need is to restart the 35 plan and get only the 2gb of data. I would like to be certain i can do this before i try.
  5. mikedt

    mikedt 你好

    Perhaps you might be better asking Boost Mobile themselves, otherwise "should" or "most" is all you're possibly going to get from an Internet forum. ;) I certainly don't know anything about this.
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  6. Slayer72

    Slayer72 Android Expert

    Lol, I see people still like to be smartasses on here smmfh [emoji45]
  7. blaqueknight

    blaqueknight Well-Known Member

    Smartass or simply telling the truth and trying to guide the OP on the right path? It is better to contact Boost Mobile for a question related to their service. Maybe someone on here has used it and will respond, but maybe not. I can understand asking questions on here about ROMs or something else most Tech Support at Boost Mobile know nothing about.

    I don't know for a fact, but I'm pretty sure if you "restart" a plan it will be restarted, especially for a whole different plan like going from $35/month to $60/month. On the Boost Mobile site they ask you do you want this change to go into effect now or when your next bill is due. There is your answer.
  8. Slayer72

    Slayer72 Android Expert

    Most people should know that by now, that's my point
  9. MLSS

    MLSS Android Expert

    You have the option to restart now or when your bill is normally due.
  10. MLSS

    MLSS Android Expert

    At least you could as of May lol
    I haven't been on boost since the beginning of June.
  11. Slayer72

    Slayer72 Android Expert

    You could always restart your plan they didn't have the other new features until they revamped the website

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