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***Thanks ApolloStar2109 for moving this to the appropriate forums! I messaged you about a possible link problem for the Boost forums.***

So I don't know if any of you are at all interested in following tonight's press mixer involving Boost Mobile, Virgin Mobile, Samsung, and "big news", but since this press mixer falls within my one month to return my phone, I definitely am interested.

Here are a couple things I have heard about the Boost side of this mixer. I've heard speculation of possibly an S III phone, or even a Note. Also in one source, reference to a variant of the Galaxy S Blaze Q. I've also heard that the Note is highly unlikely because Sprint has stated they will not have a phablet until some time in 2013. Also, I haven't seen very much reference to speculation of an S III or a Note. What I've seen most of, is the Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch. Support for that product coming to Boost's shelves included a leaked user file with the model ID, but ending with the addition of BST. Also, it is a Sprint WiMax device, and it seems Sprint wants to get rid of WiMax by 2013, so Sprint has to sell off its inventory of the device somehow.

Now that I've gotten that all said, here comes the part I came across that I've only seen in one source. This one surprised me, but I cannot comment on its reliability. On a website, user Gphil posted on August 19th, "I have a friend who works for Boost. He told me they're not getting the epic touch 4g, but 2-3 other new 4g phones for Boost. They're also getting the iphone." Here is the link for that source: New Samsung Android Phones Coming to Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile August 22 | Prepaid Phone News

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Metro PCS is getting the Samsung S3 and a $149 LG 1.2g dual core (seems like a great price) so hopefully Boost will be kind to us on hardware as well as price.


IT sucks cause i'd get the S2 but my Prevail just crapped out on me. And I really don't wanna buy another one yet but there's still a couple weeks before this comes out. Gahhhh!