i work for boost and im always trying to learn every think theres is to know about phones.
Mostly about androids because face it there nothing better than a ANDROD PHONE <3.
I like to be inform about any new phones that Boost may come up with and my superviser or represanative for Boost doesnt always tell me about the new releases.
So i have to do my own research lol !!!!!!!


I think you've chosen a great place to keep pace with rumors and information about the new Android phones. It's still a great place to learn more about the phones and Android in general. It's a very friendly site and I certainly hope you enjoy your time here. We have a discussion area for Boost Mobile that you might enjoy checking out. Here is a link:
Boost Mobile - Android Forums
I also invite you to check out any of our phone discussion/support areas. Here is a link to the list of those areas. Android Phones - Android Forums
Just open that list and give the device that you have a desire to research a click...
Have fun and thanks for using these forums.