Android Expert
Feb 9, 2011
You guys ever have one of those days where the complicated tasks are a cakewalk but the easy tasks escape you for some reason?

I'm using the Moto Razr boot ani, bad *ss bootscreen by the way, but I can't for the life of me get the boot sound to work with it.

I have placed the .ogg sound file in with the ani and changed permissions but I still have no sound on boot. Any ideas guys? Keep in mind i'm still using firstEncounters ICS Rom.
Yes. Its a zip and stored in system/media. Where I also put the ogg. And I made sure the text file was assigned to the ogg.
ugh i dont know much about audio files with boot ani's is it possible the rom your on doesnt allow it??

doubtful but still i wish i could help :( sorry
O'k, I managed to get the sound working but the volume is really low. I increased the volume using a ringtone maker and throwing it back into the system but the volume hasn't increased all that much. I increased the volume by 600%!

Just to be sure I checked my media volume in settings and it's turned all the way up so I'm clueless.

EDIT: So I increased the volume by another 400% and now it seams to be working pretty good as far as volume goes. Now if i can just figure out how to sync it better as there is a slight audio delay.