boot hp mini from android resources

Hello. I want to boot my new hp mini. The hd died.
All I have is an android 2.2.1 on an LG Optimus V

It would be so cool to put any live os on my androids sdcard and boot the mini off of that

I know how to do that, I just don't have what I need.
Like a pc or a thumbdrive to use.

Just a phone and usb to laptop cable and the laptop

I also thought maybe I could use muh android as a pxe hotspot? Cause
I think the lt could boot from a wireless netwirk.

Much thanks


Hello. I want to boot my new hp mini. The hd died.

If it's a new PC, should be under warranty for a replacement HDD shouldn't it?

You wont be able to boot the PC from the Android software in your phone. Completely different. You need a version of Android compiled for x86 PC.


Android Expert
Unless you know how to creat a live usb using the command line, I can't think of a way to do it with android. Also, you will need a way to hook up a thumb drive to your android device (is there any other than using a chain of converters?)

You are better off borrowing a frined's computer or using one at an internet cafe to create a system on a stick or on an Sd card, then running your OS from that on your netbook. You also really want to invest on a replacement HD for your rig. The hardest part of replacing it is opening the machine so gain access to it. Replacement High rpm sata drives are pretty cheap these days. SSHDs are faster, but also more expensive and don't hold as much data. Unless you absolutely need the speed or are looking for a rig with no moving parts, I would just go for a large capacity sata drive.