Aug 6, 2010
Now, I rooted my phone and used ApeX 1.0 and another ROM on top of that. With that ROM I changed the boot image to an android peeing on an apple. Now I'm sending the X back to Verizon (money problems) and I unrooted the phone and it's all back to normal except the boot image. Now, will Verizon get p'oed at me for changing that image? Will I have to change it to send it back? Will I be void of the contract or is that legal?
That's what I thought too. I'm not sure, but I think they might just find it funny, it's the little android guy peeing on the apple lol.
If i wanted to change the boot screen to the M could I just flash the sbf file?
Do yourself a favor and restore 2.3.15 ota with the sbf file. If they see that you've rooted at all, you'll be out of luck.