Help Boot loop!

Hi, I know that there's been tons of threads about this, but I've been having no luck so far. I'm not sure if this belongs here, or in the All Things Root subforum, so please move it if needed.

I've recently acquired a samsung Galaxy S Vibrant. It's from Bell. (Samsung GT-i9000m?)

As you can tell from the title, I'm in a boot loop. I'm able to get to download mode, so I'm guessing no USB Jig thing is needed, unless it's used for something other than download mode. I've heard that download mode is really all you need to get your phone back up and running, but most tutorials mention recovery mode, which is what I can't get to. I could get to it before via button combination, but not anymore. The boot screen seems to reset too quickly before it recognizes the button combination, even if i'm holding down the buttons while inserting the battery.

Now, to get to this shitty state, I used ODIN. Now, I'm pretty sure it's not ODIN, and it's just me making a mistake because I didn't read enough.

All I flashed was the .PIT file (I think it was 512) and some .tar file from some tutorial (I've read WAY too many).

I've never used any csc files, because one of the first tutorials said it wasn't necessary. I guess now it's too late to figure out which one I need.

So please help me!

At least to get into recovery mode, then I could follow the tutorials that require it. Because no matter how many times I flash with ODIN, I just keep getting stuck in a boot loop.

I believe I was trying to downgrade from the 3e recovery to 2e by flashing a 2.1 rom, I think. I was previously on 2.2 with the 3e recovery, and was rooted via superoneclick.

Thanks in advance!



I'm not sure if this is better or not, but I think that it's an improvement from the previous state. I can now access recovery! However, at the second boot animation (After the Samsung Galaxy GT-I9000M picture.) It plays for about 30 seconds, with a few vibrations. Then the screen just turns black. The phone seems to recognize touches on the menu and return button, but that's about it. Holding the power button yields a few vibrations, but nothing else.

I've read somewhere that flashing a new CSC would help, but I don't know which to flash.

NVM help is unnecessary now, I think. I've gotten it to boot thanks to the thread over at XDA by TechKidTarek.

I can post a complete log of what I did if mods think it would be useful to others who might stumble upon my thread.


Not sure if i have the same issue but i never used any custom ROM,

and suddenly my phone will not boot properly

I am unclear if it's whether bricked or semi-bricked, but bottom line is, it won't boot

mine is a SGS vibrant (USA) SGH T959

just wondering how you got your phone working again, and as i am writing this i'm trying out the XDA forum ROM
Right First thing is first never use a Custom rom via odin unless it has been tested and works
It sounds like the rom is the problem
Now to fix this

You need a three file stock rom
Or try a Rom from Trusted site
But a three file rom with re partition will fix this also check out XDA stock roms i would flash 2.1 jpo then 2.2.1 JPY If in europe
But you need a three file Rom Only not a single file


Same thing happened to me when I tried rooting my Galaxy S Vibrant (Bell) GT-i9000m. I ended up flashing the official Bell version of Froyo back onto it with Odin, and upgraded back to 2.3.3 via Kies once that was taken care of.

Just be sure to get the phone into Download mode by holding the 3 buttons while it bootloops. Good luck!

Also I still have no idea how to root from 2.3.3. I've done it on 2.2, but since I upgraded, no luck. Did anyone actually root a Galaxy S on 2.3.3 with Bell's firmware?