Dec 26, 2013
Nova Scotia, Canada
My Samsung W seems to be stuck in a boot loop. It'll only load to the black screen that says "SAMSUNG" in white letters. When I stick it on the charger it'll show the battery with the rotating circle but that screen is also in a loop.

I am aware of the power button issue with Samsung phones, and I have already tried the measures to fix that, but I am quite sure it is not the problem as it does not go into its boot loop as soon as I put in the battery like the others that I have read about, I have to push the power button in order for it to turn on and start its loop. Not only that but I am able to get into Odin mode and it stays there. If it were a power button issue I would think it would turn off even in Odin mode.

My Odin mode reads:

And then,
Do not turn off target !!

And then it stays on this until its battery will drain.

This phone is only one of our backup phones as we got new ones, but I would like to fix the issue.

I do not know how this phone was treated before this happened. A person wanted to trade one of their phones for the W. Since we never used it I said sure. We traded and the next day I received a text saying that his girlfriend was playing games on it while it was charging (I suspect that this girl does not treat phones correctly and downloads a lot of crap) and it turned off itself and that's when the loop started and it never came back to full life.

Obviously I got the phone back, so now I would like to get it working again as we like to have our backup phones just incase.

Note: I have read about unbricking and putting the operating system on an SD card and whatnot. But honestly, that is past where my knowledge ends. I have a feeling that is what needs to be done, I just don't know how.