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Boot screen shows an unlocked padlock with the word "Custom" on it.

Discussion in 'Introductions' started by Manuel D Nazario, Jan 4, 2015.

  1. Manuel D Nazario

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    Jan 4, 2015

    Jan 4, 2015
    Here’s my story,

    I was happily using my Note 3 as usual since I got it more than a year ago, never rooted it. It started to crash applications so I gave it a restart, when booting up showed the message that Android was upgrading and the number of applications it was upgrading at that time, I waited for it to finish and when logged back on it kept crashing applications like crazy, I decided to give it another restart and then was when I saw for the first time the unlocked padlock at the “Samsung Galaxy Note 3” boot screen. To make things worse, later I noticed that all my data was not accessible, I mean by this that when I checked the storage meter it was showing all the data taking space on the device and SD card but when trying to acces it, it showed “no files”, opened the Gallery and says “No images”, opened my files manager and showed no files nowhere. I even plugged it to the computer to see if I had better luck and the same, it shows the data taking place on the phone but when entering to it you see nothing. And for thegrand finale, doesn't connect to Internet, either by WiFi or carrier network, at least I can use SMS and perform calls.

    Here is where I’m stuck right now, planning to give it a hard reset as a last resource option but I wanna take some stuff out from it first.

    Again, never rooted it or made modifications, I just used normally all the time, just installing applications from the Play Store and stuff. I also uninstalled all recent applications to see it was some of them making trouble but no luck. I've also removed the battery, SIM and SD card, gave it some time and put it back and nothing.

    Hope any of you can help me or my info can be helpful to others.



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