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Apr 12, 2012
I was searching thru the phns system files nd i seen that theres 4 boot animations. Y is that? Plus can i delete them so that i can just have the zte boot animation? Oh n i found 2 etc directory folders with the boot sound. Y doesnt that boot sound even play on boot up?
i covered all that in my first work on this forum, check the all things root guide its linked to on there, and as far as im aware you can delete the ones not specific to your phone, ie and even, the only one that matters is the and the boost_Bootsound.ogg which is not present stock hence why there is no sound by default, i have the boot animation from sonic 2 on mine with working sound as he runs by and then it says SEEEGAAAA lol
also not sure if it will default to if you delete the boost one but i never felt the need to find out
well there isnt one for boost, that is the problem. mine came with only one, it was called virgin_Bootsound.ogg which i assume would only sync up properly and make sense with the if you want to rename the ones you found and try them out go for it but its not gonna go with the boost animation, the default animation though if it has a default Bootsound.ogg on the updated rom may very well work out. its all in my post here
that should be everything you need to know about getting the boost sounds and animation going on there
Read that. Do u think renaming that boot sound to boost will make it work? Lol just curious
yes it will. if you rename any ogg file to boost_Bootsound.ogg it will work, same with any renamed to
just keep the capitol B in Bootsound in mind, case sensitivity and all
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