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BoozeHound released!

Discussion in 'Android Apps & Games' started by teleknEsis, Nov 17, 2010.

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    Nov 17, 2010

    Nov 17, 2010
    Just published a new application on the market called BoozeHound. In a nutshell, it's a quick way to find alcohol specials in your city. All data is user-driven, including the businesses in the database.

    Start by logging into a City. Once logged in, you will see 4 tabs; Booze Stream, Businesses, Favorites, and My Profile.

    Booze Stream shows you, in real time, newest to oldest Specials people have posted, much like your News Stream on Facebook. You can Verify or Disclaim a special only ONCE. If you Verify a special, you can not Disclaim it and vice versa. This will allow the community to keep the data in check.

    View Businesses by Distance from last known location or Alphabetically. Go to a business' detail page to see all Specials users have posted for that Business. In the next release, you'll be able to Subscribe to businesses to get instant notifications via Google's Cloud-to-device messaging system when anyone posts a special for that Business. The Favorites tab will also be complete in the next release.

    My Profile shows you your BoozeHound Score. You get 5 points for every business you add to our database, +1 point every time a user Verifies a Special you added, and -1 point every time a user Disclaims a Special you added. It also shows you all Specials you have entered.

    The "slickest" part IMO, though, is the way you Share businesses with our database. Start by searching for the business you want to add in either Google Maps or Locations. Get to the details page for that business, click the downwards arrow button that shows a Context menu with 'Share this place' as one of the options.

    Choose 'Share this place' and then choose BoozeHound from the list of applications available to share with. This then launches BoozeHound, which will do a Reverse Geocode on the Address from Google to get Latitude/Longitude. Geocoding Services are somewhat flakey, so it often fails. If that's the case, the Re-Verify button will be enabled and you can keep clicking it until it works and the Share button will be enabled. Click the Share button to go to the new Details page for the business where you can add a Special if you wish.

    If the city you wish to log into isn't in the list on the Login screen, simply Share a Business with our application from that City and you will then see that City in the list on the Login page!

    I wanted to share this application with people in these forums not only to get feedback, but because Google doesn't give you much space to put details about your application. Please let me know what you think, and start using it already! The more people that use it and enter data, the better/easier it will be for people to find alcohol specials in their city. TELL YOUR FRIENDS!!!

    In the next couple weeks expect to see:

    * Professional, re-done UI and graphics
    * Cloud-to-device messaging enabled
    * Favorites enabled


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