...yea, if you get an 3.5 mini - 3.5 mini Auxialary Mono Cable.

The docks are built for ipods with a 30pin for charging. They do have an AUX in on the back that allows you to plug in with an Aux cable from the headphone/audio out jack on your Eris.

...You don't want the bose dock anyway. It's overpriced, and Bose muddles their sound and there is no separation in the acoustics of the music.
Well, I was actually going to buy a nice IPod, strictly for music. We're old people and set in our ways, so no streaming music, etc needed, but I do want the ability to have a decent small music player that sounds good. I figure save a few hundred $'s and not get the ipod and find a dock that will work nicely for this (not the cheapies you nornmally see for all sorts of devices)...tehy key would be for one to charge it as well. We need it for campfires, garage, etc so it will be playing for hours at a time.

Think of another option perhaps?
I'm tired, and exausted. But i sell iPod speaker docks at work.

I'll give you a few good ones but first;

a.) Price Range
b.) How big the room is

These effects.