Bottom Of Black Case Around Screen Loose


Has anybody experienced this? At the bottom of the Droid X, below the hard keys, is a horizontal black piece of the case. Mine is loose and kinda wobbly, overuse of the hard keys I suppose. I was wondering if anyone has had this issue and is there a fix, other than taking it in to VZ? Thought I'd better ask before I started prying on it. :rolleyes:

p.s. found an app, zMooth that has cured my use of the hard keys almost entirely.


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about a month ago there was a thread going here that had a how-to on taking the whole phone apart, it included video as well. I took a fast look around but since the MODs here move stuff around so much who knows where it wound up. Its worth hunting for and may shed some light on your problem. In the video it shows the guy prying that strip off for sure.


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That strip just pries off. Stick your fingernail underneath it on one of the corners and pry it up. I took mine off several times when I was trying to fix a loose button.


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Mine does it. Since I've known about it I keep playing with it. Probably doesn't help but I don't think it's a big functional problem just a fit and finish one.


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Thanks for the help all.
Riverman, you must have thumbnails as hard as a screwdriver because I about pulled my thumbnail off. LOL