Help Bought a Password Protected Ascend

So I got a good deal on a Huawei Ascend (m860). I bought it off a guy trying to switch to Verizon from Metro, I took it to the store and verified it wasn't stolen. The only problem was it has a password and I lost the guy's contact information.

I cant install any apps that would allow me to boot it into recovery mode and flash a ROM with the original stuff onto it.

The SD card slot may or may not be broken.

How do I get this phone up and running?

Any advice, I'm looking for help.


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So the SD Slot is not broken, I can plug the phone into the computer and view and modify the files on the SD card.

Could I perhaps put a ROM onto the SD Card and then try to boot into recovery mode?


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That would be my approach, whether flashing it back to stock or using a custom ROM. I'd rather start clean than with someone else's potential issues, personally.