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Bought and ipad4, can't stand the note taking, is 10.1 better?

Discussion in 'Android Help' started by greenfish, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. greenfish

    greenfish Lurker
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    Hi! Just bought my first tablet, ipad4. I love everything about the product, the retina display is insane in details. And overal the OS is very smooth. But I bought the table for note taking....

    Oh boy does it suck on ipad, the stylus i'm using feels like a fat whiteboard pen. I heard the S-pen is a lot better, like writing on paper. Is this really true?

    My biggest concern right now is the low resolution on 10.1, is it really that noticeable?

    I'm thinking about going back to the store replacing the ipad 4 with galaxy note 10.1 but i'm worried the resolution will be too low?

    Input :thinking::)


  2. funkylogik

    funkylogik share the love peeps ;)

    Id try before you buy. I dont know the difference in actual defenition but i think the note 10 has a pretty respectable display. Id love one :)
  3. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor

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  4. gtbarry

    gtbarry Android Expert

    If you are going to potentially return the apple pad to the store you bought it from and they have both, just ask to test out the Samsung during the return process. They would rather you exchange the apple pad for another tablet instead of a return and giving you cash and losing a sale.

    You can even probably ask to have a sales associate to walk you through the Samsung tablet so that they open a box and allow you to use the tablet you may leave with, instead of the display. At the very least, they should give you the S pen for the display (usually hidden in the desk) so you can try it
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  5. funkylogik

    funkylogik share the love peeps ;)

    i take it these displays have like pressure sensetive screen to sense how hard you write/draw?
  6. chanchan05

    chanchan05 The Doctor

    Nope. If it's pressure, then anything would work. WACOM technology only works with WACOM pens. Basically its electromagnetic resonance between the pen and the screen which makes it so darn accurate.

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  7. funkylogik

    funkylogik share the love peeps ;)

    Ahh. Thats really cool man, especialy how the screen inducts power to the pen :)
    Man i really wish i had the cash for a Note 10 or 8 *jealous*
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  8. jhawkkw

    jhawkkw Chinchillin'

    Since the thread is asking a comparison between the iPad and Note 10.1 as far as notetaking goes, I believe this thread belongs in the device comparisons thread.
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  9. funkylogik

    funkylogik share the love peeps ;)

    Boooo its moved onto WACOM now :p just kiding :D

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