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Bought Koodo Nexus S (unrooted) - Does not recognize SIM card

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by stx8, Jan 4, 2012.

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    Hi there,

    I just recently bought a Nexus S Koodo Branded. it is a I9020A.

    I am with Rogers carrier which from research is on the same frequencies as AT&T.

    From day one, the device did not read my SIM card. I went to a friend and tried their Bell (another carrier, same frequency) SIM card and it was the same thing.

    I however, did see Rogers listed in my "wireless networks" however, I'm unable to connect. It would say registering, and then fail.

    I googled and searched and saw that there were people with the 2.3.6 version that had similar issues after updating. This is the current version on my device.

    I read that it was possible there was a wrong radio file... so I flashed another radio file on (I unlocked the bootloader) to no avail, and I have since "relocked" it. I didn't bother to install superuser or any recovery ROMs as I don't want to mess up the phone too much.

    This phone was sold as an "Open item" to me but it was factory resetted and showed no signs of being rooted. I can still return this device (for REFUND only, no replacement device, as this was an auction - so it'll be hard to get another one) but frankly, I want to keep it and use it if I can due to not being abl eto get a replacement....

    Do you guys have any suggestions? Does my theory sound correct?

    Rolling back to 2.3.3 or so seems a very complex task requiring more "work" than I'd want on a new phone.

    So should I try anything or just do the refund and move on? :p

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