May 20, 2011
Good Day All

Patience please - new smartphone user.....

Got a Desire HD on ebay - it wasn't advertised as brown so I'm trying to return it.

However - it is supposedly unlocked, but it turned on as I took it out of the box and one of the first things I saw was a large "3" logo. Since I don't want to remove the plastic sleeve around it, I'd rather not test it by simply insert a new sim and see what happens.

If unlocked, why the carrier's logo? Is there anything I can do via the touchscreen to establish its status?

Other ebay ads include the claim "no logos". Does this mean unlocked?

And whats "rooted"?

Many thanks! - Doug
The phone could still be unlocked as the "3" logo is just part of the firmware (kind of like the operating system). The only way to test is to put in a different sim as far as i know. As far as the brown goes i only noticed this on my phone a month after i bought it as its very subtle in anything but direct sunlight. and its a very dark brown, i personally like it ;-)

Rooted is kind of like being the administrator as it means you can alter things companies would rather you left alone. I.e device speed and type of firmware. Rooting is optional and risky, but opens up a world of possibilities if you take the plunge!!!

Hope this helps!!!
Htc DHD at the moment only come in chocolate colour... Although its more browny/dark grey.
Although under certain lighting it is possible to mistake it for black lol... The chocolate colour kinda gives it the same feel as the original Desire I think. Would love to see one in white though lol, might have to treat myself to another case ;)
I'm glad I don't sell my stuff to you, wanting to get rid just because you don't like the colour.

Unless they explicitly stated it was another colour, then you'd be in the right
Brown is totally the new black this season.

What 05needhamn39 says, it may have the network logo on the back of it, but if it's actually unlocked the only way to test would be by putting another networks SIM in. If it's rejected, then you'd have grounds to send it back as it wasn't as advertised. If it's just the colour, apparently Orange do a black version, but the standard model is brown.
I wanted the black Orange one, but for some inexplicable reason it was
rwireless: Hidden menus in Android phone

"*#*#4636#*#* (*#*#info#*#*)". Read that it doesn't work in Froyo 2.2.1, and not working in Gingerbread either.

Definitely managed to access it. It displays the battery usage in hours..though I found the hack months ago.

Have to do a bit of reading.

Apparently the app Spare Parts can tell you the battery history.

Other methods:
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The *#*# thing just shows time since last boot and Spare Parts force closes when I try to access Battery History/Activity.

Thanks though, now I know it can be done, I'll investigate.
Shonan - I've decided to keep it. Mitchturbo is right, its not THAT brown, and a black protective cover disguises it fine.

Cheers - Doug
And another thing - I presume there's an instruction manual available on the HTC website? Or is it in the phone software somewhere?

Thanks All - Doug
Sorry its a phone, what does it matter if its dark brown (looks nice in my view) or black. Buying anything on Ebay these days is a minefield.