Bought spare battery, charger for my shine plus in the form of optimus one


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I know i could have bought a cheaper battery online but i didn't want to deal with the shipping etc. A spare oem lg 2500mah battery at telus was $80 and a travel charger/usb cable probably 40 (I've had bad luck with aftermarket rocketfish ones). So for 199 i just bought an optimus one which has the same battery.

Now i have a spare phone which is kind of nice cause i count on mine for tethering for school internet and its my only phone.

I'm assuming it has basically the same processor and ram as the shine plus but it has 2.2 so i get a bit of a preview of what it should be like with 2.2 on the shine. So far I'm really impressed.

The o1 seems to have considerably better battery life under heavy usage. I haven't used it enough to tell how much difference or what its like with my normal use. Performance is much quicker than the shine plus. The build quality feels nicer than the htc desire.

I do miss the heavy mostly metal construction of the shine and its awesome keyboard, plus its got the better screen with gorilla glass, but I'm not really sure if i had to give one up which one it would be. I'm going to keep both and keep the optimus as a spare but i will use it from time to time to keep from getting bored.

I have absolutely no complaints about the optimus though for the price it feels like it should cost more.


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It has been about 2 months since you bought the Optimus One. Any new thoughts/comparisons you can share? Both wife and son are considering upgrades from their LG Keybo's. Both the Shine Plus and the Optimus One are being considered.



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I honestly haven't used it much but it did seem to work well. I didn't like touchscreen typing on the small screen so i continued to use the shine plus. It did seem to run a bit quicker than the shine die to 2.2. That's really all I can tell you about it. Signal strength seems to be really good on both the LG phones. I traded with my girlfriend and I'm using the desire now. It doesn't seem to hold a signal quite as well in the basement of my school where signal is weak.