Rene N

Jun 2, 2017
A brain training app that does increase your IQ. The more you train, the ore you gain. Luckily this app well never bore you, it is the most exciting brain training app.

◆ Fluid intelligence brain training
This app improves your fluid intelligence by training your working memory. It does so with an unique game, a spotlight is shown in a 3x3 grid and you must tap left if the previous level position is the same as the current, or right if the audio played matches the previous level position letter.
◆ Multiple levels
While the gameplay sounds easy, it actually requires a lot of concentration and working memory to accurately match the spotlight and audio letter. It features multiple levels, so the higher you go the more focusing & concentration your brain requires thus it will train better and even improve your IQ.

◆ Minimalist design
The game has a minimalist design as its sole purpose is training your brain not displaying eye-candy. The chosen colors and style are perfectly crafted to avoid hurting your sleep even if you do a session at night.
◆ Score list and points graph
For each session you do a score will be shown (above 80% you go a level up) and that is kept historically to see your progress via a score graph. This way you can track your progress in time.
◆ Playable in portrait as well as in landscape orientation
Very easy to play because the only thing you have to do is touch the screen anywhere on the left or on right side.
Awesome unique soundtracks Specifically designed and created for this app
Available at Free for the first 2 levels, from there on a one time in-app purchase of around 2 euro’s.