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Brand New Droid

Discussion in 'Android Lounge' started by TXDroid, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. TXDroid

    TXDroid Member
    Thread Starter

    Jan 21, 2010
    Just gave up my LG Versa. Never lived up to it's potential. The Droid is quite possibly the coolest phone I've ever had!

    Few quick questions.

    1. I tried to load music via the Motorola app and it pulled everything over from ITunes. Worked wonderfully until I tried to play the music. Every song said "cannot play this format". Does the Droid only play straight mp3's and if so, how does that impact the number of songs it holds. I was thinking about returning an iTouch since the Droid came with 16 gigs, but if it won't hold more than a few hundred songs/pictures, it might be worth it to keep the iTouch.

    2. Sweeter Home 2 - Keep seeing posts on this. I downloaded the app but am not understanding it. Is there a tutorial page anywhere? Seems like it has potential, but as a noobie, it's not coming to me.

    3. Beautiful Widgets - Their page says they are out of biz due to HTC. Anyone come up with something similar in look and feel? The animated versions on the HTC phones are great for the wow factor.

    4. I keep reading about the new version of Android that's out there. Maybe coming to the Droid? Should I hold off on customizing it too much and wait for the new release or has that been on the horizon but no trigger pulled for a long time?

    I'm sure there will be more as I continue to poke around this great piece of tech! This forum has been of great help already!


  2. spartan141

    spartan141 Well-Known Member

    Dec 7, 2009
    i think you posted in the wrong section, thats why you have no replies.

    but to answer your questions.

    1. i have no idea about music being mp3 only. if you pulled it off an itouch then chances are it copy write protected and you wont be able to listen to them. but dont take my word for it. theres a thread in the moto droid section that explains music.

    2. from what i understand you have to download and then install. your going to need a program that will let you look at the file itself. and then install it. astro will let you look at files saved to your sd card. try that. but dont take my word for it. theres also a thread in the moto droid section that explains this also.

    3. last i heard they are out of biz for good. but i could be wrong.

    4. 2.1 is coming. you can either root your phone and run a ported version of it. or wait for the official ota update. either way your phone will end up with 2.1 in the end. do some poking around the forums and you will find that many people have already rooted their phones and are running 2.1 now. ask them to see how they like it.

    and last but not least, welcome to phandroid. you might want to get a moderator to move your thread over to the moto droid section. it will help.

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