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Brand New Refurb EVO 3D for Nexus S 4G or Epic Touch OR $300

Discussion in 'Archived Threads' started by timahknoxville, Dec 24, 2011.

  1. timahknoxville

    Thread Starter

    UPDATE: Sorry for not posting sooner, but after waiting for a week and not getting anything in the mail, I went to the Sprint store to see what was up. Apparently, the 3D was on back order and they forgot to tell me. Since I wasn't going to wait, I politely demanded that I be given one of equal or lesser value since they didn't tell me. Well, the Nexus S was the same price...so I was able to walk out with the phone I wanted!

    Sorry for posting this too soon I guess I was just too excited about the whole ordeal. Nobody payed me any money or made any other transactions.

    til;dr mods please delete

    My CDMA chip went bad on my EVO 3D, and since I was smart, I got the insurance on it and I will be receiving a brand new (refurbished?) one from Sprint (was told early next week it will arrive) so I figured I would start to advertise.

    I am looking for a Sprint Nexus S 4G or Galaxy S 2 variant (Epic Touch) or I will also sell it for $300 OBO. I can and will post pictures as soon as it arrives, and I don't expect anyone to make any transactions before then. I just figured I would post now to start (possibly) lining something up.

    Looking for new or like new phones since this one will be pretty much brand new (at the very least, refurbished by Sprint).

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  2. Bob Cat

    Bob Cat Careful, They're sharp!!
    VIP Member

    Thanks and remember to include a note with your username and date in one of them.;):)
  3. timahknoxville

    Thread Starter

    Oh I intend to...
  4. warbux

    warbux Member

    No pics yet? :(
  5. timahknoxville

    Thread Starter

    Still waiting for it to come in the mail...getting frustrated myself not having data blows!

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