Brand New


Hello world. Im brand new to the Android world. Jusst switched from my Black Berry to the Mytouch 4G. Man its super fast and sleek. I like it a lott. Some apps i downloaded ask if the phone is rooted. Wht the hell is rooted. I looked it up on the forum and it showed how to temp root, but is this something that is recommended and will i void my insurance by using it?:thinking::thinking:


Welcome! Rooting gives you superuser permissions aka full control over the OS. It will void your warrenty. Before i rooted i did lots of research and in the end figured out that it was something i wanted to do. When you root you will be able to get rid of bloatware,install custom roms and kernals etc. If i was you i would go to a chat room that has members in it for the type phone you have and talk to them, see what kind of roms and such they have. I have a LG Ally and without root this phone would be nothing. It has a 600mhz processor and can be overclocked well into the 800's. Custom roms make it fast too. Do some research before taking the plunge.