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I asked a question before I introduced droll! Much thanks for the replies of help and support or I may have sent it back.
I am a 40-something wife, mom, dog owner and KNITTER. I wanted a way to carry around patterns and rid myself of paper. I decided on the ViewSonic gTablet 1) price for the features I wanted most and 2) I didn't have to get it from China (I don't have nyhing against ordering from China I get plenty of knitting supplies from there but the prospect of having to return a tablet there for malfunction or warranty was somehing I wasn't comfortable with.) After my bumpy start was resolved I-LOVE-IT!! My favorite app is RepliGo Reader which let's me view, edit, annotate and highlight PDF files (my knitting patterns). I'm curious about rooting and romming cuz everyone talks about it but I'm not even sure what the terms mean, why I would change somehing that seems to me to work fine and how I would choose versions of things that would benefit my usage. Advice and or links to basic information is greatly appreciated. I can tell I'm hooked because his thing is interfering with my knitting time!