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Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jmacie, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. jmacie

    jmacie Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    It seems us sprint variants that attempt temp root with kingroot are bricking pretty regularly. I did twice but wonder if it was kingroot really. My 1st brick I had kingroot temp and re-started phone many times without bricking and as soon as I started trying to delete root gapps I bricked and my brick was when I restarted I couldn't log into google. No surprise since I was messing with google system apps. I had in fact done quite a few buildprop edits successfully. My 2nd brick (after temp kingroot that I had restarted and re temp rooted numerous times) was after a build.prop edit that was different than my build.prop edits from my 1st brick. I added a line to build prop, then that borked with a frozen LG screen.
    My comment and point and question surround most bricks are seeming to be the "secure boot error 1003) after kingroot. I'm trying to understand how I could temp root restart time after time and most of these other bricks were the secure boot error after restarting after kingroot. I even read some were saying they thought they bricked because they hadn't enabled oem unlock in the dev options that that was part of the problem.
    There must be many using kingroot temp root without bricking, are any out there that will attest to still using temp root and re-booting? Are there any temproot bricks that acted differently than the secure boot error bricks or like mine, where it just froze? And why didn't I brick the same way as the secure boot error bricks? Just sharing brick stories to glean some info before I get my phone back and face the risks of borking again. Thanks

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  2. rb2tfm

    rb2tfm Lurker

    My brick issue was totally different... this is my quoted post from another thread here on the forum... The phone was temp rooted with kingroot.

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  3. jmacie

    jmacie Well-Known Member
    Thread Starter

    Thanks for contributing. I want to try kingroot again but after 2 bricks I'm gunshy. I'm trying to get some perspective as when I used kingroot I didn't brick right away, even after numerous restarts, and it seems like many did.

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