Root Bricked and cannot recover


Well woops, Accidentally bricked my phone deodexing it.
I downloaded the stock in the customization section of the forum.
Copied that to the root of the sdcard unmodified.
Pushed the green button - volume up button - and power button to get in to recovery mode.

Problem is, when i tell it to apply it fails with a signature verification failed.

Guess i can only say one word.........HELP!! :)
Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Update... Installed ultrajack and made a custom with the orginal app dir before deodexing. Used ultrajack to apply that update and boom phone was workable again.

Still would be nice to have a good guide on how to apply the factory that was provided here in the forums.

I love customizing android's, So much potential :)


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I really agree, Mods need to start combining Guides and making one big sticky