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Bricked: LG P500h won't turn on after a software update

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by jtjohnston, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. jtjohnston

    jtjohnston Lurker
    Thread Starter

    I have an Android LG-P500h. Is this the right place?

    Mine won't turn on after a software update. Bricked, as you say.

    Today I plugged it into Windows. Windows would not recognise it?? So I ran the LG Support Tool and re-installed the plug ins.

    This other phone update application started running and began updating my phone!$!$?

    Because it was a real support tool, I let it. It began flashing my phone. At some point in time, the phone fell into "emergency mode" and the "phone update" software could not communicate with the phone. It says "Please disconnect cable ... remove & connect battery. Power on your phone and press the restart button to resume update."

    The phone won't even turn on now. Now what do I do? Have I lost my phone entirely? I have seen other posts, but no magic trick to start my phone.

    My battery is fully charged up. That is not the issue. I tried power-down-volume. My updater does not even see my phone.

    It is dead. Kaput.

    And I have read many similar posts, but answers.

    I'm desperate.

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  2. jtjohnston

    jtjohnston Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Very interesting. I have removed my sim card too and tried all sorts of restart sequences power-volume-down and power-volume-down-home. It will not restart.

    I see the link:
    Flash recovery from lgmdp - xda-developers
    That hack-link seems fine for someone stuck in emergency mode. Mine won,t start, not a blip or a beep.

    But I question how you can get a PC to see the phone when it will not turn on to begin with? Hmm?

    For the moment, I'm going to give FutureTel a try. They say my date code is good. I just don't feel gutsy enough to try a hack just yet.


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