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Bricked my phone

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Droopie28, Aug 12, 2010.

  1. Droopie28

    Droopie28 Member
    Thread Starter

    I've only had it for a week, so how do I exchange it?, or what do I do?

    In case you wonder how I know, the screen goes to blackness after the galaxy S screen

  2. BobPaul

    BobPaul Well-Known Member

    Just take it back to where you got it.

  3. numba3

    numba3 Lurker

    how did you brick it?
  4. Droopie28

    Droopie28 Member
    Thread Starter

    I was trying to do too much, rooted , then un rooted, then did that "superoot", then did a lag fix (which didnt work), so I did "remove fix", and it BRICKED, lol

    I shouldnt have done anything anyways, im not tech savy enough
  5. sparker366

    sparker366 Well-Known Member

    I did the lag fix and it bricked me. My phone would turn on then immediately go off. I followed the steps in this thread and got my phone back. This has saved me several times from disaster.
  6. llessur

    llessur Newbie

    Do a search for Odin one click downloader. I thought I bricked mine and that worked like a charm. On the road in traffic now. Ill post a link when I get home.
  7. sparker366

    sparker366 Well-Known Member

    Already posted the link read my post above you there is a link to it.
  8. llessur

    llessur Newbie

    Sweet. Thanks for the heads up.
  9. enfilade

    enfilade Lurker

    mine bricked on me the other day
    my browser wouldnt load any websites
    i restarted the phone then it would boot up to the galaxy s screen
    the screen would go black but all 4 of the bottom buttons would stay lit up
    unrooted with a few apps on it
    returned it got a new one
  10. Vissionary

    Vissionary Newbie

    From what I've read this phone is unbrickable.
  11. Droopie28

    Droopie28 Member
    Thread Starter

    Well just got home, from errands, and a new captivate came back with me, thanks to their stupid employees in the store who dont know what root is, because most of them only have iphone 4's...

    Heres to breaking in a new battery, lol!!
  12. TBull74

    TBull74 Newbie

    Hey its not bricked i had the same problem. Hold down the vol up and dn buttons when turning it on then select reset user data or whatever. I had the galaxy s screen stuck then black and all buttons lit up. I pulled batt and did this. Perfect now.
  13. Droopie28

    Droopie28 Member
    Thread Starter

    That doesnt work, at least it hasn't, im having the same problem again
  14. Aspenator

    Aspenator Newbie

    Hmmmm....so you messed with it again? After stating you weren't tech savvy and shouldn't have been messing with the first one?
  15. alphadog00

    alphadog00 Well-Known Member

    Yep, the only people bricking them permanently are the people that don't know how to recover. There are guys trying to flash the upcoming tablet ROM on their phones and recovering.

    There are methods to get it into recovery mode even if the buttons are out of whack, so i don't know how you can really brick it.
  16. saamlee92

    saamlee92 Member

    try to enter Recovery mode and erase all the data
  17. DT

    DT Android Expert

    I just "bricked" mine this afternoon :D I'm at least glad I waited before my trip to screw around with a speed fix.

    Anyway, I had a ROM Recovery backup, so I went into download mode, flashed a stock ROM with Odin, mounted the phone via USB, setup the ROM Recovery update.zip, went into recovery, launched the .zip, went into Nandroid backup/restore and I'm back 101% to my whole setup (every app, data, etc.)

    It's actually running INSANELY fast now.
  18. Droopie28

    Droopie28 Member
    Thread Starter

    yeah i just used odin, and flashed that newer stock 2.1
  19. Droopie28

    Droopie28 Member
    Thread Starter

    now im gonna return it and go to verizon ROFL
  20. malibu_rapper

    malibu_rapper Member

    Ditto. I wasn't too happy with that lag fix and I think he's coming out with an updated version that won't brick the phone. It was a good learning process, though...

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