Root Bricked or repairable?


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Well, what an idiot I am. Did the stock upgrade from JPY 2.2 to the latest 2.2.1 it said was available, but forgot to unroot and un-lagfix first.
Problem I have now is the phone is in boot loop. I've used Odin to try and get it back to stock, with and without PIT file, with and without repartition. It will go into download mode and allow flashing of .tar files and .pit files, but still boot loops because in recovery menu it says cannot copy default media files to internal memory.

Think it's ruined big time unless anyone knows how I can repair the internal partition for the default files?


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You might want to explain it what you did as someone who might be looking for the same thing can find your thread and get answer.

Certainly, good idea.
Look here, it worked a treat. Same method as I had already tried but for some reason the .rar file with 4 files inside ( the link the chap posted for me) worked when the single file I had already didn't

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