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Bricked phone - Flashed wrong kernel - Help needed!

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by vafa24, Oct 8, 2012.

  1. vafa24

    vafa24 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    so i wasnt thinking and i download rom maneger and i clicked flash custom kernal on my samsung galaxy q (gravity smart)
    i didnt have my phone on the device list so i clicked a random one
    and then i clicked go to recovery mode and now its bricked
    i no i am stupid but please help

  2. Pep

    Pep Android Enthusiast

    Probably not bricked.

    More info needed:
    Did you give yourself a slap?
    Can you get into recovery mode?
    (Press the power + center button at the same time for 5-15sec)
    Did you do a nandroid back up?

  3. vafa24

    vafa24 Lurker
    Thread Starter

    i dont know what you mean by a slap
    i cant reset it or get it in to recovery mode
    nothing works
    please help
  4. Pep

    Pep Android Enthusiast

    Ignore the Slap comment (just being cheeky)

    If you cant get into recovery by Pressing the power + center button at the same time,
    then I'm not sure wat else to do as I dont know that fone.
    Maybe try posting the question in that phones section the members there will know better
    Samsung Gravity Smart - Android Forums

    Good luck
  5. gibbs1984

    gibbs1984 Android Expert

  6. gibbs1984

    gibbs1984 Android Expert

  7. lucas7812

    lucas7812 Lurker

    maybe try reinstalling the stock kernel on the internet.
  8. njnken

    njnken Lurker

    Recovery is power off phone open keyboard hold the R key button and the power button simul..
  9. njnken

    njnken Lurker

    O make sure you have a good update dot zip file on your SD card because that's the only way to flash it
  10. TehDewster

    TehDewster Newbie

    First of all, does it have a yellow triangle and a computer and a phone when you turn it on?
    If that shows, then you can re-flash your recovery.
    1: A micro USB cable
    2: Odin 4.40 USA with the OPS file (.exe for your computer)
    3:The stock recovery.img from samfirmware.com (you need to register first before downloading)
    4:ADB (Android Debug Bridge which can be found in the android SDK)
    5:Samsung Kies (Also when your phone is in the brick screen, windows will install drivers)

    Okay, here are the steps:
    1:put the recovery.img file into the Platform-tools folder (where ADB is)
    2:In ADB, enter these commands:

    Command 1 : tar -H ustar -c recovery.img > STOCK-Recovery.tar
    Command 2 : md5sum -t STOCK-Recovery.tar >> STOCK-Recovery.tar
    Command 3 : mv STOCK-Recovery.tar STOCK-Recovery.tar.md5

    3:Then you will find a file called STOCK-Recovery.tar.md5 in the same folder as recovery.img
    4:Connect your phone to your computer via the micro USB
    5:Open Odin 4.40 USA and select the OPS file (I recommend putting it in the same folder as Odin is)
    6:Select the check "One package"
    7:Select the "One package" button.
    8:Select where you put your STOCK-Recovery.tar.md5 file and select the file
    9:Also, change the number "200" (Beside reset time) to "50"
    10:Ignore the error message that comes up.
    11:Select the "MD5 Checksum fail" button
    12:Wait 'till it reboots (Keep "Auto Reboot" checked before you flash)
    13:Once the log says "Killed timer", you can unplug your phone and close odin

    This was based on what just happened. (You won't loose any of your data except for a few SD card fails. Just reboot your phone)

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