Dec 12, 2013
So I have now broke my 3rd Galaxy S4. I honestly need to invest in a good case. So anyways my work lets me use there upgrades to buy a phone. So usually I can sell the broken phone for more then it costs me to buy one. So now that I have had the S4 for awhile im thinking about a different one. But I don't know if there is anything comparable to the S4. Probably mostly looking at the HTC One Max sense I like the screen size on the S4. but I just don't feel like it will be up to par with the s4. So is there a phone that I can get that I wont be disappointed in?
Well if you like the S4, then I suggest you get the Note 3. Especially since you say you like the HTC one max's size. Other than that, no one can tell you what phone you should get. Do the research and make up your own mind.

Otherwise all you'll get is people telling you why they bought the phone, they bought. If you understand what I'm saying. :dontknow:
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