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Broken Digitizer - Bypass samsung wizard

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by semental, Jul 13, 2017.

  1. semental

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    hi, first of all sorry for my spelling, i'm from argentina and my english is not the best.

    I have a samsung s3 (i9300) with a broken digitizer that i want to use as a tv-box

    I have a working MHL cable so i flashed with odin a stock firmware to get image on tv.

    But here is my problem:

    All of the official roms that i tried show me the samsung wizard setup at first boot.

    This wizard seems that doesn't allow me to use a USB-OTG keyboard or mouse.

    Because i tried disconnecting the mhl cable to use the port to connect a keyboard or mouse and try to advance in the wizard in the dark. But in every case they get correctly plugged (lights on the mouse and keyboard are on) but i have no luck clicking anything in the dark.
    I first tried whit tab and enter in the keyboard, and memorizing the places of the menus to click with the mouse, and then of course just clicking and pressing keys randomly, whit no luck.

    So i guess i can't use keyboard or mouse on this wizard.

    So, my questions are:

    - Is there a way to advance in this wizard whitout the digitizer?
    I have no touch or capacitive buttons (back and properties) only power, volume and home buttons.

    - Is there any odin rom that comes whitout the wizard?

    - Can i edit the odin image and flash it without the wizard apk?

    - any more ideas?

    Thanks in advance!

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