Help Broken Droid X....can I just purchase Worth Ave Group Insurance?

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So I sent my Droid X through the washing machine (awesome.) and now it is broken. I even sent it in to a place and they deemed it "unrepairable." So I was doing some searching and came across Worth Ave Group insurance. Apparently coverage starts immediately no matter when you purchase.

So my question is, is it really THAT easy to get a new Droid X? Just pay for a policy (1 year for $64) and then the $50 deductible? Do you think they would deny coverage if I file a claim so soon after purchase? Anybody ever used Worth Ave Group? Am I going to break the record for most questions in a row?


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You're doing something unethical as well. You are suppose to get insurance before something happens to it. Not after the fact.

Exactly. Which means..... you should ask this question in the 'All Things Root' section. Ethics are left at the door in that section! :D
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