Sep 3, 2010
Ok, so last winter i dropped my slide in the snow and a few days later the LCD stopped working. i want to try and fix my phone because i really miss the slide out keyboard. but before i go and buy a hundred dollar LCD screen, i wanna make sure that that is definitely the problem. a few days after i dropped the phone in the snow the screen would go black. it would fix itself when i rebooted the phone. then the screen started to act up. when i would touch it the picture would move up and become unaligned. like the picture would get cut in half and the top part of the picture would be on the bottom of the screen. it would do this a lot. then after a day the screen just went black and wouldn't turn on anymore. the rest of the phone works though. the charging led lights up, it vibrates, receives calls and texts, the speaker works. but i wanna know if it was the LCD that went bad or just the ribbon that needs to be replaced. is there anyway i can find out for sure?

sorry for such a long post
Do you not have insurance on the phone? Or does the insurance not cover water damage?

Here is a site I found that has replacement parts (I'm sure you could find other sites that have replacement parts as well): HTC Replacement Screens for MyTouch 3G Slide Smartphone & Repair Parts

Here is a thread about taking the Slide apart: Mytouch slide disassembly. - xda-developers

If you are comfortable poking around the insides of your phone, I'd say try to replace what you think might be wrong. If not, you might be able to find a cellphone repair shop that could help you out.