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Hey, so i dropped my phone on the ground and the screen whent dark. the phone still works but i cant see anything or practicly do anything except adjust the volume. Is there a way to retrieve the data i have on my phone without taking it to a phone repair?

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Hello and welcome to Android Forums, @Rasmus Sjöberg. :)

I wish it were under better circumstances. :( Sorry to hear about your accident. So ... the answer is "maybe". If you had USB debugging and (depending on Android version) permitted a connection to your PC, it's pretty easy to pull off data with ADB commands. If you were running Lollipop, it's possible that simply plugging into your PC can access files like pictures and music.

If you are looking for things like your contacts and text messages, unless those were backed up to the cloud, you really only have the option of repairing the screen. The good news is that the screen assembly is relatively inexpensive. Less than $50 U.S. for the whole shootin' match. :D

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Thank you @lunatic59 for your answer, i have the newest android update on the phone and i use a MacBook. when i connect it to the computer nothing happens.. Im only looking for the photos and videos really, the contacts are all backed up.


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Ah, yes. Lollipop changed things in regards to MTP connections. It used to be that you could just plug your device into a computer and browse your internal storage. Now you need access to the display when you plug in your device and you have to pull down the notification shade to switch from charge only to mtp.

@Rasmus Sjöberg are you using Google Photos to back your photos up? If so, you should be able to access them either online or on another device. If not, there aren't really a lot of options short of a screen repair, unless you already have USB debugging enabled on the device and/or an unlocked bootloader.