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Broken Sim Tray

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by leetrevor81, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. leetrevor81

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    I just got my note 2 a few days ago, my phone before that was an Iphone 5.

    I attempted to put my nano sim in the phone with a sim adapter, but it would not fit correctly (must be a low quality sim adapter). Then I actually found the nano sim sat in there fine without moving and worked fine.

    Today I decided to try cutting the sim adapter down to see if that would make the sim fit even snugger (I know I should of just left it how it is since it was working)

    In the process of messing around with this and trying to fit the adapter in the phone it got stuck and latched on to wires or contacts in the tray and pulled them out a bit. I pushed them back in and tried to put the nano sim in on it's own several times and every time the phone would not recognise the sim. Serves me right for messing around so much :)

    Anyways, I plan on taking it in to getting fixed (I'd rather spend extra money and get it done professionally rather than messing around myself)

    Is it an easy fix? How much will I get charged? How long will it take?

    I plan on taking it in tomorrow, but for piece of mind it would be good to know if it's an easy fix and I if I'll have my phone back soon

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