Browser brightness?


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How come when ec er I use the stock browser as soon as I open it the screen dims even when brightness is all the way up. Is there a setting I havnt found that will change this?

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had that same problem when i first got my S3 and found
a brightness control in the browsers settings. since then
one of the OTA updates has removed that option for me.


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Whilst browsing, if you hit the menu key (bottom left) it brings up a list of things such as 'New Window' and 'Add Bookmark' etc.

The option you're looking for is 'Brightness and colours'.

It isn't instantly visible, you have to scroll down the menu list.

Once in there, you can turn off the Automatic brightness and adjust it to your desired setting.

You can also change the colour level to 'Default' or 'Level 1' for added colour rather than the dull 'Level 3'.

If you didn't know it was there or that you could scroll down the list, I doubt you'd ever find it. Well hidden Samsung!


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ok so go to the phone settings...

has to be there...
follow these steps

there!!!!! see it???


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Went to settings then display then brightness and it only show the slider for brightness.


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