Help Browser doesn't work on 3G.

Connected to 3G, everything else works fine (Twitter, Facebook, IM services). I have full signal bars, but every site I try to browse gives me a "Gateway Timed Out" Error (504). Browsing works fine on WiFi, but it just doesn't work on 3G and I can't figure out why. Anyone experiencing the same problem/got a solution?


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I'm on T-Mobile. It's odd because everything works perfectly fine on 3G, it's just the browser (and therefore apps that may involve connecting to a site through a browser) which times out.

Also I've checked to make sure no other running apps are preventing it, and checked all of the browser settings to see if there's something blocking it, but I can't find anything.


I also had the same problem.
In my case it was due to a bad APN (access point name) configuration.

I went to "Settings > Wireless & networks > Mobile networks > Access Point Names"
I selected mine and noticed that the proxy setting was completely wrong, I corrected it (set to nothing now) and worked then!

Hope this helps! Good luck!