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Browser lag - Not hardware but software issue

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by ANegativeZero, May 15, 2011.

  1. ANegativeZero

    ANegativeZero Lurker
    Thread Starter

    Could this be an HTML5 script issue with the Charge? But Myspace.com, youtube full site loads ok. Sites I know of with issue:
    1. worldofwarcraft.com - stock browser freezes, Mirens 9 of 10 times freezes, Opera ok, firefox ok
    2. amw.com - stock browser freezes, Miren ok - some flash slow, Opera ok but parts of page not loaded, firefox ok but parts and flash not all loading.
    3. apple.com - stock browser mostly ok on main page, software section freezes, Miren ok a tiny amount of more lag than normal but not freezing, opera mostly ok but nav bar issues and some images do not load or not showing properly until moving around in page. firefox ok but some scripting (nav bar menu) is not responding to clicks, no freezes.

    Original post:
    The issue is not a hardware problem but a software one. I tried several websites and had no issues at all (full sites: cnn.com, engadget.com, arstechnica, playstation.com, wired, and a few others). I went to worldofwarcraft.com and it bombed out and started freezing right away in the browser. This does not lock up the phone and you do not need to take the battery out or do anything wierd like shut off the phone. It may take a good 20 seconds+ to get a response to even a click, so you have to be patient to 'fight' it to get to leave the trouble site in question.

    I went to worldofwarcraft repeatedly and it got stuck consistently. I turned off javascript, no luck, plugins on demand, no luck. plugins disabled, no luck. browser set to desktop instead of android, no luck. Despite other websites running fine without any issue. Even when the warcraft site acted up, soon as I could get it to go to cnn or google news, it worked fine as if nothing was wrong!

    I used the miren browser and it also acted up and could not handle loading the warcraft site without acting up. I did notice once I zoomed in to paragraph level (instead of viewing the whole site at one time), it actually worked okay! Unzoomed and it got stuck. I went back to the stock Charge browser and even zoomed in it still acted up (but this was when the browser is back to full default settings). In all the different tests and checking sites, around the 9th or 10 the time I went to warcraft's site on the stock Charge browser and it worked okay (didnt even have to zoom in). But I left the site and went back and it got stuck again.

    This is not a hardware issue, because I was able to use the youtube app and downloaded/played 15+ videos at HQ and it never bogged down. Search feature in the youtube app was fine, I was never able to reproduce any freezing issue outside the one website in question. I also went to CNN as full site and not mobile, played videos embeded in the website and they played okay without the browser freezing. It did cause the video to have some sync issues caching, but that was not the freezing issue as I could easily move around while the video was playing with very minor slow down (even then the site was easily scrollable without problem). Yet sure enough, if I went to the warcraft site, it froze up again.

    Its been a few moons since I worked on asp pages, but I am under the impression that some code/function is being used that is just not liked by the Charge OS/engine. It's not limited by the stock browser itself as the Miren browser still acted up, so it is not an issue with the stock browser and more likely with the software in the OS / software set used in web browsing. The good news is, this can be fixed as I am convinced it is not a hardware issue (other website videos play without issue, etc). Whether Samsung will fix it, droid developers can identify and address it, custom rom can resolve it..who knows. Considering the phone is arguebly just officially released as of 24 hours ago, okay...I'll forgive the few teething issues, despite how visible it may be.

    Any other Charge owners know of websites that cause the freeze? Maybe by getting more info together we can identify the symptom that is consistent among the sites in question. So far other sites load perfectly fine for me.

    I owned a Blackberry 8300 vanilla, iphone 1, iphone 3G, 3GS, Palm pre (for a short while) and up until today was an Evo 4G owner. I have no regrets with the Charge (perhaps better to say afer a month or so), and its not just 0 day technolust pride. The phone is great, feels great and is extremely light. Its like taking the battery out of an existing phone and saying "thats how the Charge feels in weight". I almost feel like the Charge needs more weight as it has 'room to spare' in terms of weight! Sorry, yes yes I know, no one wants a heavier phone, okay. It's hard to imagine holding the phone and thinking there is also a battery in there.

    Anyways sorry for the long wall of text but I hope this helps more Charge users identify this one glaring, but not common issue (for me), it is one I have high hopes can be fixed. Fortuantely it's very limited in how it occurs and does not seem to affect the rest of the phone.

    One more thing, right when I was about to post this, I checked the warcraft site on the Charge browser and its working fine now, also on Miren as well. Sounds like a code issue where something is being used on the website at some point and the Charge just doesnt like it. Hmm, could it be some rendering issue, since Miren at one point worked okay once zoomed in? I did hear in some forums how the benchmark app Quandrant had low scores on this phone (for a 2011 phone) which were really disapointing but it may be possible due to the Quadrant software not being optimized for the Charge (or the Charge optimized as other Android phones are). Sounds more and more like the Charge being as great as it is, is missing something/needs improving for how the OS software is written.

    PS. Anyone on the fence to get this phone waiting because of the web browser lag, dont worry about it. Go to a local verizon, play with the phone and surf the sites you normally surf and see if its okay with what you want to use it for. For me, so far the most frequent sites I use do not have this issue (I dont even use warcraft anymore but it was still neat to check for me). It's a software issue and it can be fixed.

    PPS. The dock with battery is AWESOME! I wouldn't be suprised if other phones have the dashboard feature when plugged in, but this is great. My poor Evo 4G was pretty much accessory starved (thanks HTC! /sarcasm), so it was pretty much a vanilla Evo. But I am LOVING this dock. It's got room to charge an extra battery if I really ever needed a spare battery (I dont care for it, but its always nice to have the option than not). The neat thing is when I plug it in, there is a small dashboard which has excellent key features that makes it feel like a mini desktop assistant. Clock, weather, music, video shortcuts. Very nice. Am tempted to get a few more docks so I can have one at my desk at home, desk at work and bedside (I use the phone alarm/clock features all the time).

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  2. tmaxey1

    tmaxey1 Android Enthusiast

    When i am checking out a few phones I usually compare the loading speeds of AMW | America's Most Wanted with John Walsh . I did notice when using the charge in the store that it froze up on that site. I still didnt make a decision to buy the charge so I cant check it again on that site.

    I am also an Evo owner. I do still have an ETF on my 2 sprint lines but not too much of it is left. We are out of contract in August or September. I am ok eating a little of the ETF to switch. I am just so tired of Sprints slow 3g network. I am on the border of 4g with them. But honestly I have only used 4g on a handful of occasions on my Evo. Its just to hard to always have to turn it on and off. Plus it always drops the signal anyway unless I am sitting stationary. Overall I dont like the way Sprint charges all the phones this "premium data fee". Sure they are cheaper tha Verizon. But at least Verizon isnt lying or weaseling the extra 10 out of me. They are upfront with the cost. I dont see how getting download speeds of 300kbs is "premium" that I should pay more for....

    Anyway back to the topic..

    Have you tried alternative browsers from the market to see of they make a difference?
  3. ANegativeZero

    ANegativeZero Lurker
    Thread Starter


    See the top of my original post, I have Miren, Opera and firefox on the Charge as well and did a few tests which I explained at the top. Miren loads amw.com okay, though somewhat infrequently it clicks the wrong navigation button or may go 'back' to the previous page (10% of the time sort of).

    There is some sort of irony that the Charge also has a few issues with Apple.com. Which makes me wonder if there is an html5 issue. Other sites are loading okay (youtube.com desktop and myspace.com). So I am speculating if certain features/scripts might be an issue? No idea but kinda interesting that the 3 sites I listed are html5 sites.
  4. Outsider(Avid HustlaZ)

    Outsider(Avid HustlaZ) Well-Known Member

    You know what it could be is the 3 sites might just have too much to upload/dwnload on the phone..i use xscope for my browser and its very fast but even with those sites u listed like amw.com made the phone slow so im guessing its not the phone but the site itself
  5. jinwons

    jinwons Android Expert

    Phonedog just put up Charge vs. G2x dogfight. In the later part of video, Aaron did browser testing on both and interestingly Charge looks smoother than dual core G2x on phonedog site. He didn't make any changes to browser setting on both. Maybe the retail release version got this browser lag sorted out?

    Samsung DROID Charge vs. T-Mobile G2x Dogfight Part 1 | PhoneDog
  6. Redflea

    Redflea Android Expert

    Folks are saying on another thread that XScope (alternate browser) resolves much/all of the stock browser lagginess...
  7. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    The issue is apparently systemic to the other slow down issues on the device. An inefficient and proprietary I/O file system that Samsung stubbornly sticks with.
  8. jinwons

    jinwons Android Expert

    I don't think it's entirely due to RFS. Galaxy S 4G and Fascinate with 2.2 doesn't lag like that on stock browser. There must be something wrong on firmware that can be fixed.
  9. rushmore

    rushmore Extreme Android User

    Probably so, but after trying the device, it seems the device is a good sports car being hampered by dirty gas (file system).
  10. Janth

    Janth Newbie

    so how is it fixed? touchwiz 4.0 or gingerbread?
  11. jinwons

    jinwons Android Expert

    Browser lag has nothing to do with 2.2 froyo OS or TouchWiz UI. It's bug on firmware that can fixed with update, which will surely come. It's probably bothersome only on flash heavy sites. You can use alternative browser like Dolphin HD, Xscope. I prefer alternative browsers over stock one even without this issue in stock browser.

    What gingerbread will bring to Charge is overall speed gain from better file system, refreshed UI, better power management, etc.
  12. navigatn

    navigatn Newbie

    Man, I just came back from a vzw store and played with a charge. Tried those sites and i thought I had bricked the phone. The sales rep said it was due to having 3 devices connected to its hot spot lol?

    It's too bad about the lag and file system. I wanted so bad to like this phone. I really dont want to end up with a binged LG revolution but I cannot deal with the browser lag since I do a lot of web surfing on my phone. I dont want to get it and hope Samsung sends an update to fix this problem. Knowing Samsung's rep for poor support for their phones doesn't help either.
  13. sean76

    sean76 Android Expert

    Xscope or Dolphin eliminates most of the lag...

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