Help Browser problem...


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Is anyone else having a problem with their browser hanging to load a website and then the only thing that corrects it is restarting the phone? I have having zero issues with this phone except for this. And if not for this, I would probably rarely restart my phone.

Sometimes I will pull up the browswer and the bar will fill with about 75% green and then just stop. I try to relaunch the browser, refresh and all of that good stuff to no avail. Once I restart the phone, everything is fine.

I am using the stock browswer by the way. Is this a browswer problem? Should I try a different one? Or is it a phone/software problem? Thanks!


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I can't really say a lot, but it seems like once every couple days. I don't think a manual refresh worked, but I will try next time to make sure. Thanks!


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It's happened a few times for me....but only on certain sites I go to. I tried the Dolphin HD browser and I have no more issues on those sites. I like both browsers so I just use both