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Browser: Removing "Verizon" locked Bookmarks

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by Rafael, Sep 5, 2011.

  1. Rafael

    Rafael Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    There is a database file called "browser.db" containing the Bookmark entries.
    It is located in /data/data/com.android.browser/databases/

    If you want to edit it:
    Open it with a database editor, like this one:SQLite Administrator - International Milestone Beta
    Remove the first two entries in the file.
    I cannot figure out why these two are not deletable from the Browser, other than the entry numbers being what they are.
    Removing the entries works just fine.

    Or just replace your file with this one:
    Here is a link to the edited file I made:http://members.cox.net/friesen2/Commando/browser.db
    I left in a link to Google, but it can be deleted, leaving you with no bookmarks.

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  2. Oregon2

    Oregon2 Member

    Is this done from your computer or phone. If its on your phone does the market call it SQLite Explorer BETA? Since I changed back to the stock browser tonight I would like to get rid of these as well
  3. Rafael

    Rafael Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Sorry. SQLite is a PC app. You must edit it from the PC.
    You could just use the file I linked to. It only has one bookmark, Google, and it can be deleted.
  4. Oregon2

    Oregon2 Member

    I downloaded the program but it wont let me do anything. I click on database, then new, then computer, and then drive E which is the phone. Then I click on data, but that where i get lost all is says in that folder is com.keramidas.TitaniumBackup I can't click on data again like you say. What am I missing??
  5. Rafael

    Rafael Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    If you want to edit your existing bookmark.db file, place a copy of it in the root of the SDCard. This is where you will direct the program to edit it.

    To use the program:

    Open SQLite.
    Click on "Database in the menu bar, select "open", and find and open the .db file.
    Then in the lower left window, select "bookmarks", then select "edit data" on the tabs at the lower right window. The blue buttons at the top of the bottom right window allow you to delete entries, you want to delete and entire row to fully remove a bookmark.

    You should see the entries in the lower right window.

    Not sure why you are hitting "new".
    I never meant for you to create a .db file from scratch. You probably can, but why would you?
    Edit an existing one....they are already setup as the system expects them to be.
  6. Oregon2

    Oregon2 Member

    ok I did not mean to make a new one, I just dont know what I am doing.

    How do I place that file in the root of the sd card. I know I'm a hassle but I've never owned a smart phone. So I have never used any of these programs, but I'm trying to learn. Thanks!!
  7. Rafael

    Rafael Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I do it with a file manager I got from the Market. It is called "Root Explorer".
    It allows you to copy and paste files, even replace files.

    In this case I will copy the file, paste to the root. Edit the file. Then copy the edited file and paste to the original location, replacing it if the old one has not been renamed.
  8. Rafael

    Rafael Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    You get it figured out?
  9. Oregon2

    Oregon2 Member

    No I haven't I was eating. But before you answer I was looking up how to move to root of sd card. It says I can use astro file manager to do it. but i still cant find that file with astro file manager. is that file inside of another one??
  10. Rafael

    Rafael Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Never seen directory stuctures?
    You may not want to mess with this stuff. No offense intended.
    Were I you, I would play around with that file manager.....looking around until you feel comfortable with it.

    The file is located in /data/data/com.android.browser/databases/
    So....when you open your file manager you scroll down to the folder called data and open it. Then you scroll down to data once again and open it. Then you scroll down to com.android.browser and open it. Then you scroll to databases and open it. then you copy the bookmark.db file.

    Did I mention you can really screw things up if you are not sure of what you are doing? Be careful.
  11. Oregon2

    Oregon2 Member

    yes i know i can really screw things up. I thought I was supposed to go to data but the only file inside of that is com.keramidas.TitaniumBackup

    I have checked like 100 files and cant find I keep finding a folder called data but the only thing inside it is the file I mentioned above. I have not moved anything so I don't know why I cant find it

    maybe I should try a different file manager?? just don't wanna pay 4 bucks for root explorer and then still not be able to do it
  12. Rafael

    Rafael Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I can't tell you what to expect from the program you are using. Never used it.
    It sounds like the program you are using is looking at the SDCard rather than internal memory. The bookmark.db file is in the system memory.
  13. Oregon2

    Oregon2 Member

    using ES File Explorer I found these files under /sdcard/TitaniumBackup/


    the bottom to are zip files so I'm guessing it is the first one. It must be because I had originally forced the stock browser to sd card and froze it instead of uninstalling it.
  14. Oregon2

    Oregon2 Member

    just to make sure I am not completely stupid. I used ES File explorer to get to /system/media/audio/boot/ "wakeup.mp3" Like how you posted on how to make it boot silently. I did not change it yet I was just making sure I am able to use a file explorer. I made it there quick and easy so I am doing things right, so moving it to my sd card must be what is screwing me up. I would think that when I converted it back to a system app that it would have put it back it the same spot.
  15. Rafael

    Rafael Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Stop looking at the SDcard. The file you want to modify is not there, but will eventually need to be moved there so you can get to it via the PC. It will never exist on the SDcard until you move it there.

    You found the system folder, as stated by you above. Well, the data folder is in the root folder of the system memory, just like the system folder.

    "data" is in the root folder of system memory, but it appears near the top of the list rather than at the bottom, where "system" is located. The first "data" folder is on the same folder level as "system".

    It is not located on the SDcard!
    Reread the above line until it sinks in. :)
  16. Oregon2

    Oregon2 Member

    lol yes i know i where i am supposed to look. I have looked in that folder called data that is at the top. and when I click on it tells me Empty Folder.
    I'm pretty sure it is either the programs that I am using can find them or when I forced moved the browser to my sd it also moved that data file. I have hit restore app+data for the browser but still nothing. I might just have to live with it because I didn't just freeze or uninstall. I know where I am supposed to look though, I just figured I'd dive deeper into it so I could find it.

    Sorry but could you maybe temporarily download ES File Manager (it's free) and see if you can access the file from there. If you can than I am out of luck. If you cant it just means that app isn't as good as Root Explorer, which makes sense because that's an app you have to pay for
  17. Oregon2

    Oregon2 Member

    YESSS!!! I figured it out I have to dive into the settings and Check a box called Root Explorer and a box called Mount File System. I knew I was looking in the right data folder, the program would just not access it until I changed its settings!! lol I'm not ******ed yay.

    Now I have copied the bookmark.db file but now where do i paste. There is no file called Root on the sd card. Sorry man bear with me I'm almost there. You've almost walked a complete newb through a fairly difficult process. But I'm gonna give myself a pat on the back for finding and checking those boxes.
  18. Oregon2

    Oregon2 Member

    Nevermind I google where the root of the sd card is. lol I copied the browser.db file and pasted it in the root of the sd and now I can access it through SQlite. I got it to the part where I can choose them and delete. So now I can use your file you posted earlier?? another step by step from here would be great.
  19. Rafael

    Rafael Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I really don't understand what you are asking for.

    The file I created is in my first post in this thread.
    You don't need SQLite to use the file I created. It is ready to use as a replacement for the original file.

    The instructions for using SQLite are in my third post.
  20. Oregon2

    Oregon2 Member

    I don't need to now because I did as you said where you copy/pasted to the root of the sd card then used SQlite to edit and delete the bookmarks. Then I moved it back to the original file with a 1 at the end of it (to identify it) and then deleted the original. And last I removed the 1 from in front of the new file. Opened the browser and it had worked!! So one more program type I now know a little something about. The more the better!

    But for future use I would like to know how to get files like that onto my phone. Do I just come to this site from my phone?? and maybe click on it?? I sorry I thought I had to use SQlite to put it on my phone. I still learning, so just stick with me please. I really appreciate your help. I think I deserve a little credit because the only things I have ever done on a computer is Type, use autoCAD and use email lol. At least im trying and i did find how to get ES File manager to be able to see those files
  21. Rafael

    Rafael Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    Cool. Gald you got it working.

    If your phone was hooked to the PC when you clicked on my file link from a PC browser, you would just save it directly to the SDCard. Then you would use the file manager on the phone to move it to the proper final directory.

    It never occurred to me that someone who is not pretty familiar with file systems woudl try some of the things we have done. :)
    I guess I need to remember not everyone has my skill level....even though the real techies put me to shame.
  22. Oregon2

    Oregon2 Member

    ok cool cause I'm gonna try to silence the boot up screen next. Thanks for sticking it out with me, I know I sound like a complete idiot. But now you can say you walked a completely computer illiterate noob through a mid-level process. Thanks again :)
  23. Rafael

    Rafael Android Enthusiast
    Thread Starter

    I know you are not an idiot. An idiot would have bricked his phone by now...considering all the tweaking you have already accomplished. You have gone way farther than I....when I was just rooting my first time.

    I apologize if I got too "short" with you. Sometimes I mistake where others are coming from. Part of getting to be an old cranky fart. :)
    After all, I am 48. That means I get away with being a pain in the ass, right? :)

    Thanks for taking me well.
  24. Magiczztab

    Magiczztab Lurker

    Thanks man your db file did the trick
  25. Magiczztab

    Magiczztab Lurker

    Simple really I just used Root Explorer to rename the existing browser.db to browser.db.bak then copy and paste your in its place works like a dream.

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