Help Browser scrolling all the way down


Hi guys. I am having an issue with scrolling with the stock browser as well as when using Dolphin HD. I have Flash set to on demand. What is happening is sometimes when I am scrolling down, the browser will scroll all the way down to the bottom. It doesn't happen too often but it is annoying. I have had three other EVOs, which I had to exchange due to a variety of defects, and they all did the same thing. Also, this has been happening since Android 2.1 and of course I now have Froyo 2.2. Trust me when I tell you I am barely scrolling down when this happens. I have already tried a factory reset and I barely have any apps installed. I have already tried the calibration tool. Anyone else experiencing this? Seems to me it is a software bug related to the phone's touch screen sensitivity or lag. Thank you!


hey dude did you find a solution to this problem ?? i also get it on my HTC Desire HD and i'm not sure if it is hardware as it also does it in the menu scrolling and GOsms, though mostly in the browser.

I can vouch for you when you say it is very annoying!

anyone lese knwo a solution i would love to know it.


I am having the same issue on Samsung galaxy Gio on android 2.2.2.

I am assuming this is the way android deals with touch gestures on android devices. It can be extremely irritating and hoping this issue is resolved on ver 2.3.