Help Browser scrolling issue - odd...


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When I scroll down a long homepage, the screen gets goofy. Below is a screen shot taken while the screen was scrolling. To clarify, I flicked it down (to scroll), then took the screenshot. You can see how some text looks bold.

When the screen slows down, it looks normal but this is how it looks when scrolling quickly. Weird...

Just curious if this happens to anyone else???



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Hello veccster. I am assuming you're seeing that in your nice new Galaxy Nexus and not the Droid Incredible noted in your profile as your device. ;) :D

We're seeing reports of that in these Nexus forums, mostly as being an issue with no remedy (as far as I've seen so far, I may have missed something posted).

But, you're not the Lone Ranger; there are others with the issue.


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I have been sitting here trying to replicate this "issue", not seeing it at all. Considering its scrolling so fast you wouldn't be reading it I don't think we should consider this and issue.


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I'm wondering if the differences in experience with this issue have to do with the device's configuration as to background data, auto syncing, etc; resource hogs taxing the OS.

If so, it'd be ironic, considering the multimedia/social networking etc hype about the graphics rendering and processor's capabilities. I do know that paring those things down, disallowing auto sync especially, can help with lag and battery life on some Android devices.


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Ice cream sandwich has multiple browser issues, most appear to be centered around javascript.
I contacted the dolphin developer and he's reporting a bug to google, I have also.

Set your browser to desktop mode then go to, it acts very weird. Also login to your google homepage and try to set a background image, it can't be done.
If you have a background image on your google homepage and view the page from the nexus, the search bar is missing as well as the google tabs across the top.
Well, I'm on slow airport wifi right now, so I can't do the hunting that I want to about this "issue", but if I'm not mistaken (trying to recall a video I watched about the Android browser), it's not an issue at all. It's simply the way the browser works now.

The old browser rendered everything and kept it rendered. The new browser renders in tiles. My guess is that when you start to scroll really fast, it's only able to render low-resolution versions of the tiles by the time you get to them, downloading and rendering the high resolution versions when you pause for a second.

Perhaps somebody with more knowledge of it can verify/debunk/expand on this, but I believe this is what's going on, and we probably won't see a "fix" for it since it's not really an issue.
Im also getting this. Im also experiencing lag in zooming and scrolling. On my dx using dolphin, I could double tap the screen right after the page came up even if the whole page hadnt loaded. In this browser it always seems to have a long pause followed by stuttery scrolling. I think the browser wants the whole page to load first.

Anyone else getting this?


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Lots of good info and feedback...thanks everyone. This is definitely a software issue that is not experienced on my DInc or my Xoom. It really isn't a big deal but just a "bug". Pool Shark identified several other glitches that together will bother me. It's the downside to being an early adopter.
Odd that I would rather deal with glitches than wait several months for updates to come out before buying a cutting edge device. Proud to be the first GNex owner in our fairly large suburb of Pittsburgh - had it minutes after the first store opened.